School Days!

Sooo… September with new beginnings but also a return to schools and universities for the younger ones. This month will always be linked to school days and I am here to show you a fresh and ideal outfit for them. 
What can be better than a floral 90’s dress (mine is from YOINS – Use the code “blog15” for a 15% discount!), combined with sneakers and a wonderful handmade knitted bag from my favorite Bonknit! which features not only enough space for the things you need but also impeccable style!


New Season - New Clothes!

Hey again! Long time no see! So much have happened lately that I was unable to update the blog as before! I am going to tell you all about it, or rather show you and you will understand! Not now though, all in due time!
I am back for good and today I want to show you some pretty clothes I spotted and would love to acquire for the upcoming season! They are all from the Dressily store in which you can find, among others, a variety of tops such as tunic tops or crop tops, dresses, trousers even underwear! Yay! Don’t forget to check the new products category as here the goal is to refresh our wardrobe for the upcoming fall season. Right?
Tell me in the comments below which piece of these I chose you liked more and see you soon on the next post! Kisses!

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