Cool enough for Spring?

Hello again my pretty gals after quite some time! It took me some time but I am back with a very dynamic outfit for the coolest spring occasions! The recipe is simple: a unique and impressive T-shirt as mine from DirtyVelvet, mom jeans combined with fishnets (top trend), super-perfect shiny new pink boots and cool mirrored glasses from Regalis Collection! To finalize the outfit, we use the ultimate outerwear of the season, the floral bomber jacket (mine from Zaful) as there can’t be a spring outfit without one! How do I look then? Cool enough for spring? 


The Black Jumpsuit!

If they told me I had to buy just one piece of clothing and tread on with that, then I would surely pick a black jumpsuit! Why? Because it matches with everything, features both upper and bottom parts in one and gets you out of the tight spot of choosing what to wear and depending on what accessories (shoes, jewelry, purse) you choose it can be worn from morning to night and be just as impressive! Do I need to say more? If you want to follow the above and be also totally in fashion, you find a jumpsuit with wide sleeves like mine from Clover Fashion and you are ready to go! Not to mention it is a great opportunity to buy one now in sales season! What say you? How do you like it? I am awaiting for your comments! Kisses!


The Grey Fluffy Purse!

Greetings! Here we are again with a brand new post, with an outfit which can be worn day or night and the best furry bag you have ever seen!
 Let’s start from the beginning though! Let’s say we want to go for a drink after work, early in the evening and we want to wear something not too casual nor too formal… What do we do?

What I would recommend is a black and not very tight skirt, combined with a cute sweater to keep things casual, over the knee boots with fishnets tights for a more evening touch, along with a faux fur vest in a fancy color (here in pink) to blend the outfit together.

The key piece of course in this look is the purse, which should be ideal for all times of the day. I chose this grey fluffy purse which is wonderfully colored (it starts as light grey, then dark grey and ends in black!!) and matches with everything, is perfect for all occasions and is very impressive (everyone will ask where you got it)!

So you know what to answer… 
This grey fluffy purse is from Mariliart, a new Greek brand name which is in the business of handcrafting purses and accessories knitting and combining strings, leather and various other materials. 
All pieces have excellent quality and unparalleled design making every woman to stand out for her finesse and elegance.

How did you like the outfit? As always I am waiting for your comments! Bye!


StyleWe Winter Sales!

Hello again! February, as we all know, apart from a month of love is also the month of the best winter sales! It is the time when you can find very nice and quality items in very reasonable prices! 

And what’s better than do it by clicking away on your computer screen, right? Below I have for you the most representative pieces of clothing for women which you can find in particularly low prices from StyleWe.com!

Find Stylewe on Instagram for more inspiration and daily updates!

How do you like my choices? I am waiting for your favorite choices in the comments section! Kisses!


The Colorful Dress!

Hey girls! Here we are again to welcome February with an especially colorful post! It might be cold and snowy but it doesn’t mean our clothing should be dull and indifferent!

So I wore the happiest little dress ever from Everpretty and went out for a stroll around the park for the photoshoot of the post you are currently reading! Honestly, whatever I can say is not enough for this floral dress, which just by seeing it and wearing it your mood is uplifted instantly! 
A bit the wonderful colors, a bit the perfect fit, what more do you need?

Make the colorful dress yours with 30% discount by using the code “epinsta” at www.everpretty.com

The dress flawlessly matched the pink fur vest (a beloved purchase you are going to see it in other posts as well) but also the unique, chic and light blue coat from Jollychic!

Do your shopping at www.jollychic.com and use the code “theano” for 10% discount!

That’s all for today! I am waiting for your impressions! Kisses!


The Pastel Geek!

How much I like wearing pastel colors, cannot be described! Especially during the winter, they give a cheerful and romantic touch to the mundane atmosphere but also the possibility to stand out among the common dull color palette most choose, which tends to be based grey and black.

So when I saw this cute little pair of glasses from Firmoo in pink and khaki hue, I knew how to combine them. Pastel geek was already created in my mind and it only had to take physical shape!

The voucher code '' FASHIONIZEIN '' covers a free pair including frame and lenses at this specific page http://bit.ly/firmoofreeeyeglassses by February 7th 2017.Shipping and handling fees are extra.

So,here is the result! Isn’t it sweet? I am awaiting your comments as always! Kisses!


In Style with StyleWe!

Happy new year girls! The first post of the year took its time to come, but better late than never right? We are in the middle of January, the next if not the beloved time of the year after the holidays, which is none other than the sales period! 
You can find your favorite pieces in very attainable prices and upgrade your style without having to spend a fortune! Even better, you can do it without even leaving your comfy house and lose time in the stores. 
But through the internet of course, purchasing online from our favorite StyleWe which offers designer pieces in affordable prices as per example designer tunic in various colors and patterns which will keep you warm and stylish for the rest of the winter.

Find StyleWe on Facebook and Instagram for more inspiration and daily stylish updates!

What do you think? Should we go and check the pieces I selected? View this post and tell me your favorite options! Kisses!

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