Lingerie & Floral!

 Hello girls! Here I come again with my new post, the last for November 2016. Today I am going to wave goodbye to autumn with a new trend that has been worn a lot this and that is no other than lingerie style! To be short, to achieve this style, you wear over your blouse, shirt or dress, something that you would normally wear under it or as standalone item as a bralette type bra or some laced gown.
To tell you the truth I was a little bit hesitant with this style as I didn’t know whether it would suit me or if I would be able to support it. Not to mention it struck me a little bit odd to go out with my bra over my clothes! Haha! I knew I had to try it out though and adapt it to my style. I thought it through and when I spotted this particular floral gown in my closet I knew I had figured it out!
Wearing a shirt with black ribbon on my neck (also a current trend), black leggings, white sneakers and a leather jacket on top, you have the perfect, rock but also trendy, casual look which is in fashion but not too weird – at least in my eyes! What if everyone at first found it extreme, everyone admired the result!
Dress smart then without copying blindly each fashion trend, adapt them to your style thus creating a personal style that makes you happy and it is certain that the final outcome will reward you!
Till next post, be well and have fun!


Holiday dresses!

Hey girls! Here we are almost in the end of November and without even knowing it Christmas will be here! Yay!!! Let’s wait a bit before we cheer though as time flies by and we must get organized, as Christmas Eve will be upon us and we will be running amok to find something to wear.
With this post then I come to your rescue of last moment’s anxiety but also to drape you in fabulous clothing as it befits you and the festivity of the holidays. I won’t even move you from your couch and with one click you can get the holiday dress of your dreams, right on your doorstep. To achieve that you only have to visit edressuk.co.uk where you will find numerous dresses especially for this occasion. Maxi, mini, with glimmering stones or not but also with tulle or lace all in various colors from pink to black but also in red which is so preferred during holidays.
All you have to do is check out their website to find the impressive dress that you will wear in the holidays to come. Especially in the category of Evening Dresses UK I am certain that you will find something that will match not only your style but also your body type. And if you have a price constraints don’t you worry, the cheap prom dresses uk category is here to offer you the most impressive dresses in the best prices.
I have said enough I think, go check out the website and the gorgeous dresses and leave a comment to tell me which you liked best. I chose my favorites as you can see below. I hope you like them! Kisses!


Modern Geisha!

Hey girls!! In today’s post we are going to mention a trend that comes all the way from Japan. One of the most powerful trends of the season are dresses with Japanese influences or kimono dresses as they are called, which look a lot what geishas wore! Do you want to look like a modern geisha but you are unsure how to do it?
The only thing you need is an impressive dress in kimono style, with intense waist and print like this floral one (find it here) with the exquisite colors from Karina DressesIt has a fantastic fit as it is very well designed but also crafted from the finest materials. It embraces the body and highlights the strong features of each body, it fits all body types and especially the hourglass type like mine! Curvy girls you just found you ideal dress!
Overall we kept a low profile on the look, in regards to the accessories, with the only exception being the very well matched to the dress bracelets (find them here)from Secret Stories Jewellery. Visit Antonia’s shop and you will not be disappointed! Wonderful handmade jewelry in incredible prices! So this was all for today! Take a look on the pictures and leave your comments on the look! I am waiting! Kisses!
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