Pink Power with Zaful!

Hey all! Back to it today with a fresh new outfit post in cooperation with Zaful involving a total pink outfit, which even though it is girly enough, it conveys some form of power! You do know my love for everything pink! That which you might not know is that pink is a color that can be worn everywhere and in any occasion as it constitutes one of the dominant trends for this fall-winter. In all variations and in only one piece – such as a blouse or a coat – up to a total outfit (speak of the devil!) you can trust it knowing you will be stylish and happy as a little pink always makes your mood. Not to mention that you can combine it easily with many other colors as I did here with another favorite color of mine burgundy!
This wonderful, soft and perfectly designed blouse (find it here),
the godly, classic now suede skirt with the buttons in the middle (find it herebut also the cutest bag of all times (find it here),
you can find them easily with a click at www.zaful.com
For more ideas you can check Zaful's Instagram and Zaful's Facebook.

Check out the pictures below and I am awaiting your comments! Bye!!


It's jacket time!

One of the nice things in autumn is that we get our jackets out of the closet! What is even better, this time of year we get to renew our jacket collection! Just one new piece is enough to refresh our look and add color and style to our outfit! The right jacket not only warms you up but also enhances your style! Bombers, Cropped jackets, denim jackets, leather ones, colorful or black, casual or formal, you can find them all with a click on StyleWe, where effortlessly and to your joy you will find many similar pieces with the ones I mentioned! For now have a taste of the ones I picked for you! 

*You can also find StyleWe on Facebook and their Blog!*


Autumn hues!

October is here, and the first mildly cold days have already made their appearance, which means it is time for cardigans! I don’t know about you, but for me the word autumn brings one color to mind… Orange! A color I do not particularly prefer, except in certain occasions… Like when it is present in details (like the polka dots and stripes of this wonderful dress) but also when its shade is quite warm (like the cardigan) and especially when it is combined with an even sweeter chocolate brown. Exactly like the color combination of the sunglasses GlassesShop.com sent me. Gorgeous and very fitting with the first days of autumn! In this website with the various eyeglasses online, you can find among others prescription sunglasses, glasses with corrective lenses and glasses for various uses.
 Moreover, you can acquire the glasses of your choice with a 50% discount if you use the special code GSHOT50 at checkout! 
So what are you waiting for? Go on and happy shopping! 
Ah! Please don't forget to inform me of your opinion about the outfit on the comments section below! Bye!!

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