Find your dress at 27dress!

Hello girls! Here we are once again in the last days of July, with a wedding relevant post, as it is the period most weddings tend to happen!
Today we are not going to talk about the bride’s dress, but yours, the best friend, sister or bridesmaid!
Do you remember a movie called 27 dresses in which the protagonist had been 27 times a bridesmaid until she found the love of her life?
Well, the site we are talking about today is called 27dress, in which you will most certainly find not one or two, but definitely more than 27 dresses from which to choose the one that will make you stand out in such an event!
I chose my favorite ones and I am showing it on the pictures below! 
All you have to do is to go to 27dress.com , pick the dress you like and don’t forget to let us know what your choice was on the comments section!
Until next time, ta ta!


Summer working girl + Caseapp Giveaway!

Come on… the truth now… you fell for it like I did and instead of being in some beach sunbathing, you are in the city working in the middle of the summer… Thank god you don’t have to run around every day and you can work from home (if you do something like I do), at the balcony or the garden! If that is not the case, do not worry! Here I come with this post to make your day! How? Don’t tell me you didn’t notice this wonderful, impressive, perfect in its pastel colors and totally custom made cover laptop cover. Yes you guessed right! In cooperation with Caseapp we give to a lucky someone the laptop cover or the case of his/her choice. (You can pick from the ready-made ones or design your own!) What do you say, did I cheer you up? I hope so!

Terms and conditions for the GIVEAWAY can be found below! Kisses!

P.S Use the code OT4ZCT on www.caseapp.com and get 20% off until August 1st, 2016!

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