Navy in the city!

Let me tell you what happened to me regarding this particular color, navy blue… In the past I hated it… Now I love it! I don’t know how or when this changed but what really matters is that it is a wonderful color which can be worn from winter to summer. The last few years is in fashion and I really like wearing it! I prefer combining it with lots of intense colors and one of them is the light brown of the bag I am carrying. Yes this one. This perfect one. With the fringes! How impressive a bag and how beautiful its contrast with blue. Anyway… to the rest of the outfit… It is a casual summer look which combines two trends that are here to stay, off shoulder crop top with the classic now culottes. Wear it with sneakers during the morning at your job, in the afternoon for coffee or a walk and it will always keep you in style! 
Well,what do you think of my "Navy in the city" look?


Let's talk about comfort!

Let’s talk about comfort in today’s post my friends, but also about a beautiful and meticulous look I would say! Off course we do want and need to be and feel comfortable in our own house but why not being neatly dressed as well? How to achieve such a thing though? Obviously not by wearing our regular clothes (goodbye comfort) but not our grandpa’s sweat suit (bye bye looks!)
These beautiful and comfortable pajamas from comfort.com.gr come to give the answer and offer the ideal solution for you! When those also have the perfect summer color and simultaneously depict your favorite dog then it instantly become your favorite!

 (Find them here with one click or see all the different designs here and there is no chance you won’t find your favorite!)

Below you can see me in the pajamas (all in grace and comfort) but also Gisele (all in grace and comfort) in one of her rare appearances on a Sunday morning by the garden… :) I hope you like the pictures… I am awaiting your comments! Kisses!



Hello! 2nd of June today… summer is officially here and we are here to welcome it as it befits it! With a super cheerful and colorful outfit which is reminiscent of a fruit sorbet! How not to when this dress has this incredibly beautiful print of sanguine in such pretty, juicy and refreshing colors that remind of summer and popsicles! This fruity dress couldn’t not but pair with my lemon shaped bag (the situation called for it you see) which with intense hues of yellow (on the shoes and belt) fits perfectly with the coral color of the fruits, creating an incredible summer combination that lifts your mood! The coral ribbon, the makeup in similar tones but also this unique hairstyle, made at Social Hair, completed successfully this playful and pinup outfit! 

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