Casual in the city!

Through the week or during the weekend, for a stroll in the center of the city, shopping, going for coffee with friends! You want to be cozy but also presentable! Meanwhile it is Spring and dark colors are not favored… what to wear then? I personally selected one of my favorite combinations, which happens to be very in fashion in general! The one of pink and burgundy! How beautifully does this baby and innocent pink bind with such a very classy color, as this deep wine red… I completed the look with my perfect high sneakers, which include both hues… (and yes! It was accidental!) along with my super perfect burgundy purse with fringes! The outfit would be far from perfect without the gorgeous long pink cardigan from Dresslink, which is ideal for Spring weather, and you can find it here with just a click! I am waiting for your thoughts! :)

*Happy Easter to all!


90's baby!

For some time now I wanted to show you an outfit inspired from this decade and in this style, but something kept happening and led me to postpone it. I guess I felt something was missing to make the look complete! So when I got hold of this very pretty mustard colored short dress full of daisies, the look was already created in my head and the only thing that was left was to be photographed! So I wore my pretty little dress, my crop top, I got my socks and high boots on, I got my hair up in a messy bun, got around my neck my very beautiful and unique choker – can’t go for a 90’s look without a choker- and behold! The outfit was uplifted with my supreme daisy purse from Sammydress which you can find with a click here! So...90’s baby, how do you like it?


The Floral Maxi Dress!

Or else the dress you must already have included in your wardrobe until now! Why? Because it is an easy, chic and in the same time impressive stylish choice that will make you shine this spring! A trend that started last year and continues in force this year, the floral maxi dress with long sleeve constitutes the ideal option for those wanting something special that stands out! It matches exquisitely with long earrings (the hottest thing for spring-summer 2016) and of course with high heels like the ones you can see on the pictures! The dress I am wearing (with the gorgeous floral print) is from Romwe and you can easily make it yours with a click here:http://goo.gl/CCUXfW!
Extra tip: Make your hair up in a bun to better highlight the earrings and the dress’s style!

I am eagerly awaiting your comments! Kisses!


Candy Crush!

April is here and looks like it should… Sunny, with beautiful days, ideal for going out and wearing spring outfits! What season could be better for you to wear your little white dress in combination with these wonderful pieces in pastel colors, such as the turquoise overcoat and the lilac clutch and the lilac pumps, in a 60’s inspired playful mood! I really love these colors, as you might have surmised, when I saw this particular necklace from Lo & Behold Jewellery, I fell for it! Simple but also impressive, it is ideal for highlighting the white canvas and matches perfectly with my pastel accessories!! One of my favorite outfits ever, I eagerly await your impressions!

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