70's vibes...

One the things I love the most about fashion, is that I can by combining the proper pieces which I are already part of my wardrobe, to adopt many different styles and one day going out more rock dressed and the next one more girly, the other chic or funky with a playful mood! I find it incredibly interesting to create different styles inspired by other decades or other eras! Like in today’s post which the inspiration was, as you can most probably fathom, the carefree and full of dreams 70’s, a trend totally in line with the spirit of spring which makes us all a bit more laid back and loose than before!

Main characteristic of today’s look couldn’t be other than the flared pants which was iconic in the 70’s and is ideally combined with the floral shirt – which you have seen before in a very different style (what did I mention earlier?? – and the hat, the square glasses and the furry vest, adding in the best possible way the essentials 70’s vibes in this casual outfit!

So, how do I look?


Cocomelody - Back Interest Wedding Dresses!

Girls let’s be honest! When you get married and it’s obviously your special day, you want everything to go as planned and you to be spectacular to say the least! Of course whether you want it or not you are the center of attention! For whom do you think everyone is going to watch, the minister? They are going to focus on you and specifically your back! Yes, yes… Think about It and you will see I am right! So what do we do about it? But to choose a wedding dress with a special design at the back so It captures all the looks and make an impression! Where to find though such Back Interest Wedding Dresses?
The Cocomelody site, for which we are going to talk in today’s post, has a vast variety of all kinds of wedding dresses, including of course the aforementioned ones!
So if you are a bride to be and you have not yet found the proper wedding dress, I would suggest you take my advice and look for the most impressive one from backless Wedding Dresses that you can find! It may take you a bit because all designs are great, but it’s worth the effort if you are to find the ideal one for you!
The most daring ones can find their ideal wedding dress by taking a look in the section of sexy backless wedding dresses which will not leave them disappointed in any way!
I saved the best for last… Cocomelody offers a 25% discount on wedding dresses above $250 by using the promo code W25 during checkout!

Happy wedding shopping girls!


Spring Casual Chic!

Spring at last… are you wondering how to achieve a beautiful and impressive casual chic outfit that is ideal for all day? You just have to invest in key pieces which not only constitute the basis for such outfits but also highlight them in the best possible manner! The pieces for which we are talking about are of course a pair of nude heels – as elegant as they are sexy – ready to guide your every step, a pair of black skinny jeans which is an integral part of your wardrobe and a black long women blazer which has the ability to add elegance to every look even if you wear sweatpants!
If you combine all this with a chic envelope, long crème top but also a blanket scarf – in checkered patterned in 3 neutral colors – which is definitely the piece to make the difference in the whole look, then you have achieved fast and easily a very impressive and casual chic outfit!
Tip: Wear a hat and big square glasses for extra points in elegance and style!
*Special thanks to Antonia from Secret Stories Jewellery who sent me these incredibly beautiful grey bangles as a gift! :)

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