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The holidays might have passed and we set aside our more formal and fancy clothes but always an occasion presents itself that calls for a fancier and not so casual look. An invitation to an event, a wedding, or Valentine’s day which draws near… There are countless occasions such as these where we have to wear beautiful and impressive dresses!
Today’s post is here to show you some of the prettiest dresses, specially designed for such occasions. With just a look at Promtimes.co.uk and in the prom dresses category in specific, you will find dresses of all kinds, short, maxi, in intense colors or the more classics black and white which all have a common characteristic. They are all impressive and gorgeous, ready to dress each of us and make her feel special and unique in whatever occasion she might need to wear them.
Moreover, if you are a fan of maxi dresses, which you should as it is a season’s must but also chic and classier than its short counterpart, in the category of long prom dresses you will definitely find something you like! If on the other hand you are looking for something more affordable, then the cheap promdresses category is there for you! You will find there impressive dresses of all styles in lower prices but still with great quality and variety in designs.
I picked for you the dresses I liked the most and I am presenting them below!
I am eager to hear your opinions! Kisses!


Winter Florals...

..Yes please! Especially if we are talking about wonderful floral dresses such as this! I can’t begin to describe how I much I like that you are asking me to wear colored and floral outfits in the dead of winter! Black is very nice and an all-time classic and when I don’t have much time to think what to wear I choose black but… it is quite something to turn winter in spring by what you wear!
Thus, choose a floral dress with gorgeous colors, long or short and combine it with above the knee boots, a purse with tassels and a cape –all first line items for this winter- easily achieving a boho-chic style that conveys femininity and brings spring a click closer!

P.S. I love these photos, I hope you like it as well! Kisses!


Let's talk about shoes!

As pretty other pieces of clothing might be, shoes always impress us the most! For this reason only it is worth it to choose special pairs which are easy to fit in any style and thus upgrade an otherwise “quiet” outfit! Especially the shoes chosen for the day of your wedding you need them to be cozy and spectacular but not very eccentric so you can use them again, in another occasion!
How would you like it if I told you that I found shoes that fit that exact description in a great price? You can check it out yourself with a visit to MissyDressesau.com, where among others you can find gorgeous designs not only in wedding dresses but also in formal dresses!
Regarding shoes, I chose for you the most beautiful designs and I present them below! 
If you want of course you can check out the whole collection on your own with one click here! :)


Hello 2016!

Happy New Year to everyone! Back at work today… I hope you had fun during your Christmas vacations, got some rest, went out and recharged your batteries for the New Year in which we should strive for a creative and high quality life.
This is the first post of the year, where I show you what I usually wear when going somewhere for a coffee or a walk, and which incorporates enough of my favorite and super trendy color for this year, burgundy! In combination with the all-time classic black it creates the right conditions for an impressive and easy to wear outfit! Oxford shiny and wonderful shoes that can be worn from morning to evening, a mini skirt with small black hearts and an amazing handmade ring also heart shaped by Antimetry – all in this wonderful burgundy – add to our outfit the necessary passion and vigor needed for a great year! Finally, the black over the knee socks add an essential sexy touch and complete this marvelous girly outfit!

What do you think?

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