Jolly & Chic!

Hey beautiful girls, finally New Year’s Eve is upon us and the quest for what we are going to wear to be pretty, chic and glowing, starts! I am here to offer something out of the ordinary, as most choose something very fancy for this day leading to many identical looks that cannot be ignored! This is something we do not want of course and my opinion is to pick something that first and foremost makes you feel comfortable, not to short or too long and embarrassing but something which shows and is elegant! You guessed right, I have the ideal dress for this occasion! Midi, in A line which flatters all silhouettes even the chubby ones, laced in a black and dark pink rose hue that leaves an impression of a classic movie star!
The dress which you can see in the pictures below is from the company JollyChic and you can find it by clicking here!

* Use the code "theano'' on www.jollychic.com and win up to 10% off!

One swallow does not a summer make though and to impress you must select the right accessories! I stayed in the same range of hues as the dress, choosing a dusty pink overcoat and a small furry purse in the same shade! I finalized the look with black leather heels and an impressive Classic black in Rose gold watch from DanielWellington!

*If you like this watch you can get it at 15% discount by using the promo code ‘THE’ at www.danielwellington.com until December 31st 2016!
So hurry up girls!

That’s all folks, check out the post, get some ideas and leave a comment on what your choice of dress will be this New Year’s Eve!

See you next year! Have a happy new Year!


Velvet Holidays!

Hello girls and merry Christmas! Here we are, in the days between Christmas and New Year’s which are a bit calmer than those holidays but are still festive and glamorous, requiring a more impressive and shining look! So what do we do when we want to achieve the correct festive but also cozy outfit that befits these days?

The black velvet dress in any color (here in black) is here to get you out of a tough spot as it is an impressive specimen which especially this year is a great trend.
And what better to combine it with than over the knee socks with glamorous gold sandals, headband in matching colors and a black fur which will enhance the coziness of the outfit! 

Regarding the rest of the accessories, an impressive watch is a must, like this black rose gold Daniel Wellington which I selected to complement this outfit!

*If you like this watch you can get it at 15% discount by using the promo code ‘THE’ at www.danielwellington.com until December 31st 2016!
So hurry up girls!

Moreover, one unique velvet envelope-bag with the ideal amount of glitter will complete our outfit perfectly! You can find mine here!

I am waiting for your impressions on this outfit and up to the next holiday post which will follow soon, many kisses!


All eyes on you!

Hello girls. Today, I am back with the first of a series of festive outfits, which I intend to show you, in order to get some ideas what to wear for the holidays.
Today’s look is comprised mainly by a black velvet blouse with lace up sleeves (you can find it here) and a short pleated metallic skirt (you can find it here) from Zaful, an outfit ideal for festive stylish and cozy appearances!

The look is complemented with shiny black over the knee boots, mesh stockings and a belt also in a metal finish for a more impressive and sexy look!

For jewelry we narrowed it down to a triple black choker with gold details and a black watch from Daniel Wellington with pink gold details, which is an all-time classic choice!

*Pick your favorite Daniel Wellington and get a 15% discount using the code “THE” at www.danielwellington.com until December 31st 2016.

We touch perfection with a wonderful velvet envelope-purse (you can find it here) from Lovick. The full pink gold and silver glitter evil eye which the purse has on, not only guards you against evil eye but also attracts all eyes on you as it is very impressive.

*Lovick is a Greek company which has very impressive handmade bags for all hour of the day. From backpacks to night purses it is certain to find something to pique your interest! The only thing you have to do is browse their site or Instagram account and choose your favorite creation!

What do you say, would you wear this outfit?

I am waiting for your comments! Kisses!


Lingerie & Floral!

 Hello girls! Here I come again with my new post, the last for November 2016. Today I am going to wave goodbye to autumn with a new trend that has been worn a lot this and that is no other than lingerie style! To be short, to achieve this style, you wear over your blouse, shirt or dress, something that you would normally wear under it or as standalone item as a bralette type bra or some laced gown.
To tell you the truth I was a little bit hesitant with this style as I didn’t know whether it would suit me or if I would be able to support it. Not to mention it struck me a little bit odd to go out with my bra over my clothes! Haha! I knew I had to try it out though and adapt it to my style. I thought it through and when I spotted this particular floral gown in my closet I knew I had figured it out!
Wearing a shirt with black ribbon on my neck (also a current trend), black leggings, white sneakers and a leather jacket on top, you have the perfect, rock but also trendy, casual look which is in fashion but not too weird – at least in my eyes! What if everyone at first found it extreme, everyone admired the result!
Dress smart then without copying blindly each fashion trend, adapt them to your style thus creating a personal style that makes you happy and it is certain that the final outcome will reward you!
Till next post, be well and have fun!


Holiday dresses!

Hey girls! Here we are almost in the end of November and without even knowing it Christmas will be here! Yay!!! Let’s wait a bit before we cheer though as time flies by and we must get organized, as Christmas Eve will be upon us and we will be running amok to find something to wear.
With this post then I come to your rescue of last moment’s anxiety but also to drape you in fabulous clothing as it befits you and the festivity of the holidays. I won’t even move you from your couch and with one click you can get the holiday dress of your dreams, right on your doorstep. To achieve that you only have to visit edressuk.co.uk where you will find numerous dresses especially for this occasion. Maxi, mini, with glimmering stones or not but also with tulle or lace all in various colors from pink to black but also in red which is so preferred during holidays.
All you have to do is check out their website to find the impressive dress that you will wear in the holidays to come. Especially in the category of Evening Dresses UK I am certain that you will find something that will match not only your style but also your body type. And if you have a price constraints don’t you worry, the cheap prom dresses uk category is here to offer you the most impressive dresses in the best prices.
I have said enough I think, go check out the website and the gorgeous dresses and leave a comment to tell me which you liked best. I chose my favorites as you can see below. I hope you like them! Kisses!


Modern Geisha!

Hey girls!! In today’s post we are going to mention a trend that comes all the way from Japan. One of the most powerful trends of the season are dresses with Japanese influences or kimono dresses as they are called, which look a lot what geishas wore! Do you want to look like a modern geisha but you are unsure how to do it?
The only thing you need is an impressive dress in kimono style, with intense waist and print like this floral one (find it here) with the exquisite colors from Karina DressesIt has a fantastic fit as it is very well designed but also crafted from the finest materials. It embraces the body and highlights the strong features of each body, it fits all body types and especially the hourglass type like mine! Curvy girls you just found you ideal dress!
Overall we kept a low profile on the look, in regards to the accessories, with the only exception being the very well matched to the dress bracelets (find them here)from Secret Stories Jewellery. Visit Antonia’s shop and you will not be disappointed! Wonderful handmade jewelry in incredible prices! So this was all for today! Take a look on the pictures and leave your comments on the look! I am waiting! Kisses!


Pink Power with Zaful!

Hey all! Back to it today with a fresh new outfit post in cooperation with Zaful involving a total pink outfit, which even though it is girly enough, it conveys some form of power! You do know my love for everything pink! That which you might not know is that pink is a color that can be worn everywhere and in any occasion as it constitutes one of the dominant trends for this fall-winter. In all variations and in only one piece – such as a blouse or a coat – up to a total outfit (speak of the devil!) you can trust it knowing you will be stylish and happy as a little pink always makes your mood. Not to mention that you can combine it easily with many other colors as I did here with another favorite color of mine burgundy!
This wonderful, soft and perfectly designed blouse (find it here),
the godly, classic now suede skirt with the buttons in the middle (find it herebut also the cutest bag of all times (find it here),
you can find them easily with a click at www.zaful.com
For more ideas you can check Zaful's Instagram and Zaful's Facebook.

Check out the pictures below and I am awaiting your comments! Bye!!


It's jacket time!

One of the nice things in autumn is that we get our jackets out of the closet! What is even better, this time of year we get to renew our jacket collection! Just one new piece is enough to refresh our look and add color and style to our outfit! The right jacket not only warms you up but also enhances your style! Bombers, Cropped jackets, denim jackets, leather ones, colorful or black, casual or formal, you can find them all with a click on StyleWe, where effortlessly and to your joy you will find many similar pieces with the ones I mentioned! For now have a taste of the ones I picked for you! 

*You can also find StyleWe on Facebook and their Blog!*


Autumn hues!

October is here, and the first mildly cold days have already made their appearance, which means it is time for cardigans! I don’t know about you, but for me the word autumn brings one color to mind… Orange! A color I do not particularly prefer, except in certain occasions… Like when it is present in details (like the polka dots and stripes of this wonderful dress) but also when its shade is quite warm (like the cardigan) and especially when it is combined with an even sweeter chocolate brown. Exactly like the color combination of the sunglasses GlassesShop.com sent me. Gorgeous and very fitting with the first days of autumn! In this website with the various eyeglasses online, you can find among others prescription sunglasses, glasses with corrective lenses and glasses for various uses.
 Moreover, you can acquire the glasses of your choice with a 50% discount if you use the special code GSHOT50 at checkout! 
So what are you waiting for? Go on and happy shopping! 
Ah! Please don't forget to inform me of your opinion about the outfit on the comments section below! Bye!!


Back to school - Wishlist!

School year is starting… goodbye laziness! Yes, I know… the adjustment is hard! You have to leave the beach and the carefree attitude for school/university and studying! But stay positive and see it this way… new start new goals! And what is better than starting the new school year a little bit cooler and more stylish?
I have chosen for you the most “in” pieces in the market that would make so ready for school that you are going to look forward in going back!
A striped shirt, a 90’s floral dress, a denim jacket, a cozy overall, your favorite ripped jeans and a fashionable tank top are all those you need to start the new year refreshed and in style!

You can find them all by clicking on the very user-friendly and economical

Happy shopping and have nice start! 


Fun and Chic!

Hey girls! We are back with a new post, which it goes without saying that follows summer rhythms, as even though September has arrived, the weather is nice up until the first days of October! Thus we are taking advantage of the nice weather and to relish our favorite pieces for a while longer! In today’s post we are going to see how to achieve a fun and chic look (in the previous post we had seen how to be Chic in Pink!) appropriate for baptisms, weddings and in these kind of events that are very common this time of year!

Here we go: We choose a elegant but in the same time playful dress in a cheery and bright color! The ideal choice is a maxi dress which is shorter on the front and ruffles on the bottom (a trend that is here to stay)! I chose an impressive yellow, but pink or an astonishing royal blue would do the job perfectly!

The purse we are going for is what makes the difference! For what kind of fun look would it be with a common mundane purse? The amazing clutch in telephone shape from Sammydress.com is simply the right answer and you can find it with a click here!

We finalize the fun and chic look with the ultimate summer sandal, yes yes the one with the lace and multicolored pom pom (which will also be worn next year, so go on and get some!) You can find it at the incredible Clover Fashion with a click here!

Finally, I believe that you cannot choose something more elegant than a rose gold watch and my new Dukudu one will not let you down!

I think girls we said enough already, let’s leave the pictures talk for themselves! Enjoy and I am awaiting your comments! Kisses!


Chic in Pink!

Hello girls!
Back from our vacations with a fresh post that is a bit more formal than usual, as the wedding and baptism invitations keep coming until the end of September, and as long as the weather allows it, we will still wear our summer clothes! In this post we are going to see what I would choose to wear on such an occasion! 
A twin set, with a crop top in a wonderful design with a skirt up to the knee in A line, would be ideal as it would grant you the necessary elegance and style for such an event! If the twin set you choose is in a gingham pattern and pink color, not only are you going to be chic but also pretty in pink! ;)
Check out the photos below and give me your opinion! Kisses!


Beach ready with Sammydress!

Hey pretty girls! Are you getting ready for vacations or a day at the beach and you are unsure of what swimsuit to wear or what dress and bag to compliment it, so to be stylish and beautiful? I concentrated for you all the essential pieces and accessories for the beach from the beloved Sammydress and you can see it all in this post! 
At a glance you will need: a swimsuit with a tropical printstraw hatbeach bag and towel in ethnic style and beachwear in cream color preferably, clear or with tassels! All these to sum it up… 
Happy shopping and sunbathing!


Find your dress at 27dress!

Hello girls! Here we are once again in the last days of July, with a wedding relevant post, as it is the period most weddings tend to happen!
Today we are not going to talk about the bride’s dress, but yours, the best friend, sister or bridesmaid!
Do you remember a movie called 27 dresses in which the protagonist had been 27 times a bridesmaid until she found the love of her life?
Well, the site we are talking about today is called 27dress, in which you will most certainly find not one or two, but definitely more than 27 dresses from which to choose the one that will make you stand out in such an event!
I chose my favorite ones and I am showing it on the pictures below! 
All you have to do is to go to 27dress.com , pick the dress you like and don’t forget to let us know what your choice was on the comments section!
Until next time, ta ta!


Summer working girl + Caseapp Giveaway!

Come on… the truth now… you fell for it like I did and instead of being in some beach sunbathing, you are in the city working in the middle of the summer… Thank god you don’t have to run around every day and you can work from home (if you do something like I do), at the balcony or the garden! If that is not the case, do not worry! Here I come with this post to make your day! How? Don’t tell me you didn’t notice this wonderful, impressive, perfect in its pastel colors and totally custom made cover laptop cover. Yes you guessed right! In cooperation with Caseapp we give to a lucky someone the laptop cover or the case of his/her choice. (You can pick from the ready-made ones or design your own!) What do you say, did I cheer you up? I hope so!

Terms and conditions for the GIVEAWAY can be found below! Kisses!

P.S Use the code OT4ZCT on www.caseapp.com and get 20% off until August 1st, 2016!


Navy in the city!

Let me tell you what happened to me regarding this particular color, navy blue… In the past I hated it… Now I love it! I don’t know how or when this changed but what really matters is that it is a wonderful color which can be worn from winter to summer. The last few years is in fashion and I really like wearing it! I prefer combining it with lots of intense colors and one of them is the light brown of the bag I am carrying. Yes this one. This perfect one. With the fringes! How impressive a bag and how beautiful its contrast with blue. Anyway… to the rest of the outfit… It is a casual summer look which combines two trends that are here to stay, off shoulder crop top with the classic now culottes. Wear it with sneakers during the morning at your job, in the afternoon for coffee or a walk and it will always keep you in style! 
Well,what do you think of my "Navy in the city" look?


Let's talk about comfort!

Let’s talk about comfort in today’s post my friends, but also about a beautiful and meticulous look I would say! Off course we do want and need to be and feel comfortable in our own house but why not being neatly dressed as well? How to achieve such a thing though? Obviously not by wearing our regular clothes (goodbye comfort) but not our grandpa’s sweat suit (bye bye looks!)
These beautiful and comfortable pajamas from comfort.com.gr come to give the answer and offer the ideal solution for you! When those also have the perfect summer color and simultaneously depict your favorite dog then it instantly become your favorite!

 (Find them here with one click or see all the different designs here and there is no chance you won’t find your favorite!)

Below you can see me in the pajamas (all in grace and comfort) but also Gisele (all in grace and comfort) in one of her rare appearances on a Sunday morning by the garden… :) I hope you like the pictures… I am awaiting your comments! Kisses!



Hello! 2nd of June today… summer is officially here and we are here to welcome it as it befits it! With a super cheerful and colorful outfit which is reminiscent of a fruit sorbet! How not to when this dress has this incredibly beautiful print of sanguine in such pretty, juicy and refreshing colors that remind of summer and popsicles! This fruity dress couldn’t not but pair with my lemon shaped bag (the situation called for it you see) which with intense hues of yellow (on the shoes and belt) fits perfectly with the coral color of the fruits, creating an incredible summer combination that lifts your mood! The coral ribbon, the makeup in similar tones but also this unique hairstyle, made at Social Hair, completed successfully this playful and pinup outfit! 


Romwe Summer Wishlist!

Hi girls! The long awaited summer time is upon us and as we would be going out more it is time to renew our wardrobe! Of course that does not necessarily mean we need to to spend a fortune, right? I pieced together all the items I would like to get this summer in order to have a completely renewed wardrobe this summer, from ROMWE (you might remember the post with the gorgeous maxi floral dress which they had sent me, and if not you can refresh your memory here!) which has an unlimited variety and incredible prices! So I would very much like to buy a knitted crop top (hot trend), a floral jumpsuit with great back, a super perfect trendy swimsuit with cuts and ethnic details, a very comfortable loose orange dress because I do not know if you heard this… orange is the new black…, an off the shoulder dress in a fantastic royal blue along with an all-time classic little white dress! What? You want to buy it also? Take a guess! Below you get ta chance to go ahead and do it! You only have to press on the image of your favorite item and voila! Happy summer shopping!


Retro in the city!

In today’s post we go back in time, adopting our very much loved style which combines elegancy, femininity and also some girly elements! Starring in this post couldn’t be anyone else than this exceptionally retro midi dress in a color combination which I really like (pink, black, turquoise) and in a pattern which fits exactly my body type! The dress is from Karina Dresses which specializes in vintage dresses which you can pick depending on your style and silhouette! You can find the dress I am wearing here! My retro outfit is complete with a pair of black cat eye glasses, a shoulder bag and a pair of pink heels! What do you think?



Hello! In today’s post we welcome May by wearing this very cute little striped dress in blue hues combined with brogues in this wonderful camel, beige cardigan, a playful purse and this amazing glasses from Firmoo! How wonderful can they be? The company that crafts them sent them to me a while ago and it was love at first sight! The crème frame binds exceptionally well with the colored lenses in pastel colors and the intricate design of the glasses, rendering them automatically my favorite accessory for spring and the summer that is upon us! So, how do I look? Oh...You can also find my glasses by clicking here! Kisses!


Casual in the city!

Through the week or during the weekend, for a stroll in the center of the city, shopping, going for coffee with friends! You want to be cozy but also presentable! Meanwhile it is Spring and dark colors are not favored… what to wear then? I personally selected one of my favorite combinations, which happens to be very in fashion in general! The one of pink and burgundy! How beautifully does this baby and innocent pink bind with such a very classy color, as this deep wine red… I completed the look with my perfect high sneakers, which include both hues… (and yes! It was accidental!) along with my super perfect burgundy purse with fringes! The outfit would be far from perfect without the gorgeous long pink cardigan from Dresslink, which is ideal for Spring weather, and you can find it here with just a click! I am waiting for your thoughts! :)

*Happy Easter to all!


90's baby!

For some time now I wanted to show you an outfit inspired from this decade and in this style, but something kept happening and led me to postpone it. I guess I felt something was missing to make the look complete! So when I got hold of this very pretty mustard colored short dress full of daisies, the look was already created in my head and the only thing that was left was to be photographed! So I wore my pretty little dress, my crop top, I got my socks and high boots on, I got my hair up in a messy bun, got around my neck my very beautiful and unique choker – can’t go for a 90’s look without a choker- and behold! The outfit was uplifted with my supreme daisy purse from Sammydress which you can find with a click here! So...90’s baby, how do you like it?


The Floral Maxi Dress!

Or else the dress you must already have included in your wardrobe until now! Why? Because it is an easy, chic and in the same time impressive stylish choice that will make you shine this spring! A trend that started last year and continues in force this year, the floral maxi dress with long sleeve constitutes the ideal option for those wanting something special that stands out! It matches exquisitely with long earrings (the hottest thing for spring-summer 2016) and of course with high heels like the ones you can see on the pictures! The dress I am wearing (with the gorgeous floral print) is from Romwe and you can easily make it yours with a click here:http://goo.gl/CCUXfW!
Extra tip: Make your hair up in a bun to better highlight the earrings and the dress’s style!

I am eagerly awaiting your comments! Kisses!


Candy Crush!

April is here and looks like it should… Sunny, with beautiful days, ideal for going out and wearing spring outfits! What season could be better for you to wear your little white dress in combination with these wonderful pieces in pastel colors, such as the turquoise overcoat and the lilac clutch and the lilac pumps, in a 60’s inspired playful mood! I really love these colors, as you might have surmised, when I saw this particular necklace from Lo & Behold Jewellery, I fell for it! Simple but also impressive, it is ideal for highlighting the white canvas and matches perfectly with my pastel accessories!! One of my favorite outfits ever, I eagerly await your impressions!


70's vibes...

One the things I love the most about fashion, is that I can by combining the proper pieces which I are already part of my wardrobe, to adopt many different styles and one day going out more rock dressed and the next one more girly, the other chic or funky with a playful mood! I find it incredibly interesting to create different styles inspired by other decades or other eras! Like in today’s post which the inspiration was, as you can most probably fathom, the carefree and full of dreams 70’s, a trend totally in line with the spirit of spring which makes us all a bit more laid back and loose than before!

Main characteristic of today’s look couldn’t be other than the flared pants which was iconic in the 70’s and is ideally combined with the floral shirt – which you have seen before in a very different style (what did I mention earlier?? – and the hat, the square glasses and the furry vest, adding in the best possible way the essentials 70’s vibes in this casual outfit!

So, how do I look?


Cocomelody - Back Interest Wedding Dresses!

Girls let’s be honest! When you get married and it’s obviously your special day, you want everything to go as planned and you to be spectacular to say the least! Of course whether you want it or not you are the center of attention! For whom do you think everyone is going to watch, the minister? They are going to focus on you and specifically your back! Yes, yes… Think about It and you will see I am right! So what do we do about it? But to choose a wedding dress with a special design at the back so It captures all the looks and make an impression! Where to find though such Back Interest Wedding Dresses?
The Cocomelody site, for which we are going to talk in today’s post, has a vast variety of all kinds of wedding dresses, including of course the aforementioned ones!
So if you are a bride to be and you have not yet found the proper wedding dress, I would suggest you take my advice and look for the most impressive one from backless Wedding Dresses that you can find! It may take you a bit because all designs are great, but it’s worth the effort if you are to find the ideal one for you!
The most daring ones can find their ideal wedding dress by taking a look in the section of sexy backless wedding dresses which will not leave them disappointed in any way!
I saved the best for last… Cocomelody offers a 25% discount on wedding dresses above $250 by using the promo code W25 during checkout!

Happy wedding shopping girls!


Spring Casual Chic!

Spring at last… are you wondering how to achieve a beautiful and impressive casual chic outfit that is ideal for all day? You just have to invest in key pieces which not only constitute the basis for such outfits but also highlight them in the best possible manner! The pieces for which we are talking about are of course a pair of nude heels – as elegant as they are sexy – ready to guide your every step, a pair of black skinny jeans which is an integral part of your wardrobe and a black long women blazer which has the ability to add elegance to every look even if you wear sweatpants!
If you combine all this with a chic envelope, long crème top but also a blanket scarf – in checkered patterned in 3 neutral colors – which is definitely the piece to make the difference in the whole look, then you have achieved fast and easily a very impressive and casual chic outfit!
Tip: Wear a hat and big square glasses for extra points in elegance and style!
*Special thanks to Antonia from Secret Stories Jewellery who sent me these incredibly beautiful grey bangles as a gift! :)


The burgundy coat meets the daisy bag!

Do you want to quickly create a cozy, casual chic outfit which can be worn from dusk till dawn and it is simultaneously impressive and playful? This is what you have to do! You take as a basis neutral colors, in this occasion white and black, and you combine some simple skinny black pants with a wonderful white preferably see through shirt! Next, so the result is not too flat and so it contrasts the black and white outfit, you put a colorful coat on top preferably in burgundy (as it is this season’s color) like this fantastic burgundy coat from shein.com, which you can find here in a great price! Then, you choose a bag in a not so common design, just as this gorgeous daisy bag from sammydress.com! You put the finishing touch with a pair of black boots with not too high heels and voila… you are ready!


Lady in Red!

Valentine’s Day is upon us already… I still have not realized how fast time has passed! Even so, on Sunday the calendar will show the 14th of February, a day for lovers! Whether you celebrate or not, it is a good opportunity to dress up and go out with your other half for a romantic date! And as it is customary in such occasions… an elegant and stylish dress is the proper choice! When it is in the color of passion is well then it is more than ideal! Like this wonderful red dress from Shein.com in alpha line which you will see below and you can find with one click here! So pretty, aerial and romantic! PERFECT and ideal for Valentine’s day exit!! The pink details (see heart earrings, purse, woolen scarf) and the nude pumps, soothe the intensity of the red color and render the outfit even more romantic! HappyValentine’s day, girls!


WOOP in the woods + GIVEAWAY

Good day and good week to all! I am very happy for the post you are about to read today contains all that a fashion blogger just starting out needs. Anyhow, so not to generalize, what makes me happy in fashion blogging. Let’s put them in order: wonderful fairy tale photos, playful outfit (styling by me as always of course!), ideal makeup, ideal location, cooperation with a company in my city, promo codes and giveaway for you and also internationally! What do you think are not these good enough reasons to be happy? Especially when an integral part of this outfit – jean dress- is a gift from dresslink.com and the vintage purse from poua stories combines harmoniously with the rest of the look, what else can anyone ask for?
But of course a pair of stylish wooden glasses, be it sunglasses or reading glasses, from woopnshop.com in wondrous styles and colors that make choosing one very hard! They are all so lightweight, beautiful and unique, ready to catch every eye and collect compliments.

All glasses of the WOOP wooden eyewear collection are 100% handmade and they are the outcome of an imaginary combination of different woods in different colors along with natural goat’s leather, in a modern design. These special wooden RX glasses and sunglasses collection are made from selected natural woods such as walnut, black walnut, beech, olivewood and cherry tree while the frames (masks), the temples and the hinges, have no metallic components and all paints are ecological. With no presence of lacquers all the woods are soaked into eco paints and covered with vegetable oils to offer a super fine 100% waterproof surface and indelible colors.

I have chosen (it was hard believe me!) and I present to you, in the photos below, my favorite Woop designs. You can choose whichever design you want (for men or women) to make yours from woopnshop.com if you just follow all the steps described in the form you'll find at the end of this post! And it have to be all of them! Don’t leave any of them out otherwise your participation will be cancelled!
As the winner will be only one, WOOP offers to all the blog’s readers a 10% discount by using the code “FASHIONIZEIN” at checkout! The promo code will be valid forever! ;)

The contest will take place from February 8, 2016 to March 8, 2016 and will be open to entries from Greece and Abroad!

Good Luck!

(Don’t forget… I am waiting for comments on the outfit!! Kisses!)

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