We are going to Rock 2016!!

Today’s is the last post of the year and it will be a little bit different than the ones I have you used to… In holiday spirit no doubt, but a bit more rock than usual… I want to say goodbye to this year and welcome the next one with vigor, passion, strength and infinite energy!
So… a tutu skirt, a sequin top, a leather jacket and a -so hot right now- black lipstick, will uplift your look, make you stand out on New Year’s Eve and give a powerful welcome to the year to come. With optimism, belief in ourselves and… of course the right outfit we can accomplish much and the truth is that we are going to rock 2016 girls! :)

I wish to all of you to have a blast these last few days of the year and the new year to find you happier than ever! See you next year!! 
*R.I.P. Lemmy


Born Pretty Store / Eyeshadow Makeup Palette: Festive eyes!

Here we stand a few days away from New Year’s Eve, a day… or better a night which most of us will go out and have fun, and the second most important thing in our minds (the first one being what we are going to wear) is our festive make up! Although I am not a fan of intense makeups, I do believe a little extra glam is needed these days to enhance our holiday mood, without overdoing it of course!
In today’s post I am going to show you the perfect palette for impressive… festive eyes and much more! The palette I am talking about is 18 Color shimmer EyeshadowMakeup Palette #5018-4 from Born PrettyStore which has 18 wonderful iridizing eyes shadows in mostly earthly colors. Soft pink, peach, various shades of beige and brown but also more intense and clean colors such as grey, white and black complete the collage of a shadow palette that you are going to use not only during the holiday season but every time you need an impressive makeup for your night out!
The quality of the shadows in this palette is exceptional and combined with its tempting price constitutes a truly great deal! If I tell you that by adding the code LAZH10 you can have it at 10% discount as well, I will be surprised if you haven’t already bought it!
*It goes without saying that the code LAZH10 gives you 10% discount at all purchases from Born Pretty Store and not only on the shadow palette mentioned above!*

Since a picture is a thousand words let’s go have a look on the pictures that prove what I was talking about before. Voila!


How to dress on holiday parties & Merry Christmas!

Just in time for the Christmas revelries I come back with an ideal and inspiring outfit for the occasion! Listen to what you are going to do this night, to be radiating, stylish and comfortable!
You get an impressive and sparkling dress, you wear your wonderful over the knee boots, you do your hair and you uplift the look with an impressive red lipstick! (if you don’t wear lipstick these festive days then when?
The dress and boots can have the color and style of your choice! As you can see below, I have chosen an outstanding ice grey dress in alpha line (did I mention comfortable?), covered in gold dust and glitter which I combined with black shiny boots that contrast the soft color of the dress.

So what do you think?

*I wish to you all a Merry Christmas since I will not be publishing any posts here until then.

 You can still reach me at Instagram or Facebook where the posts will keep on in a daily basis! :)

PS. Daniel Wellington offers to all the readers of this blog a 15 % discount by using the promo code "FASHIONIZEINXMAS" for every order placed up to 15/01/2016 at www.danielwellington.com!



Firmoo Giveaway!

Hello there! Do you remember when I have showed you my glasses from firmoo.com a few months back? I’m sure you do, but in case you don’t, refresh your memory by clicking here! By the way... From your responses on that post I know you really liked the glasses and the style they create, so we teamed up again with firmoo.com giving to one lucky one the chance to win one pair of firmoo glasses with free shipping from this page: http://www.firmoo.com/collection-for-bloggers.html
Glasses include the frame, standard 1.50 index single vision lenses. Upgraded lenses and add-ons will be charged for an extra fee.


Sudio's Earphones - The perfect Christmas gift!

Christmas are just a breath away and you haven’t still found the ideal gift for your friend, sister, boyfriend or yourself? You better hurry! Ok I am not saying you should get frantic about it but you can for instance check this post out because I can make you an offer you can’t easily refuse!

So if you are looking for a present unique, elegant, beautiful but out of the ordinary and of very high quality, then you are in the right place! Sudiosweden.com have a series of wonderful earphones which you can find really hard to believe they are earphones and not a beautiful jewelry as they made out of excellent materials, in very trendy colors (pink, blue, orange) but also in classic ones (black, white, brown) with details in a magnificent pink gold color, all placed in the most perfect leather case you have ever seen, in matching colors with your earphones! They are available with wire or wireless, there’s a version for android but also iOS so you can pick the ones matching your individual needs!

Leaving the best for last, from now till the end of February 2016 using the code “fashionizein” you can get whichever pair of headphones you fancy at a 15% discount in your purchases!

Not convinced yet? Below you can see the headphones I received from sudio in this wonderfully sweet and romantic pink color and I am sure you are going to fall in love with them as readily as I did! Let’s go have a look! ;)


Landybridal - Lace Wedding Dresses!

It might be that summer weddings get the lion’s share in the preferences of couples about to get married, however whoever chooses a wedding in the winter are not losing anything!
A wedding in the winter while it costs definitely less than a summer one it does not lack at all in quality or elegance. On the contrary a winter wedding can be very sophisticated and very majestic as it should be! Without beaches, sand and insane heat, things that demand very light clothing, the winter bride can be dressed as impressively as the occasion demands and be dashing!
What is the fabric that while it is simultaneously impressive and not overly heavy, romantic and sexy at the same time? But of course the lace! So today we are going to talk about a series of exceptional vintage lace wedding dresses.
It is an awesome collection from landybridal website which we have previously presented here in this blog! What can I say more about this collection which has all kinds of laced wedding dresses… long, short, in slim lines, in a line, balloon or not, all so pretty that I had quite a hard time choosing just a few of them to present here! So this time you are going to see some more dresses than usual this time!
Moreover, the site has the collection wedding dresses 2016 which depicts the latest trends in wedding dresses and which will monopolize interest next year! It goes without saying that I have chosen one dress from this collection as well for you to take a test!
Let’s go and have a look below to see my favorite ones from both collections mentioned. I wait for your comments here to see which one you would pick! Kisses!


Daniel Wellington - Christmas edition!

HI girls! I am sure that as I write these lines you have already started searching for two very specific things! First, what you are going to wear on Christmas and New Year’s Eve and second what present to choose for your boyfriend, your mother, your best friend and why not yourself!
Here I come then, like a deus ex machina with this post (more to follow!), to get you out of a tight spot! How? I am going to give you an idea of how to dress for such an occasion but also how to get a very impressive present at the lowest possible price!
In today’s post I am wearing a wonderful mini green emerald laced dress which I was looking for a long time and I am very happy I found it! It is in one of my favorite colors, which is ideal for special occasions, as it combines formal and finesse, while it goes beyond the comfort zone of black dresses! It can be combined with a variety of colors, here I have selected black which is always a right choice when it comes to formal appearances in the evening!
Regarding the accessories, I kept in mind that “the less is better” choosing one only but exceptional, this gorgeous DanielWellington watch! What can you say about this watch! It is elegant, minimal and with lots of finesse, its dial is made of impressive rose gold and has a black leather strap. All in all not only the ideal accessory but also a unique present!!
Fashionizein in cooperation with Daniel Wellington gives you the opportunity to acquire any watch you want in 15% discount but also enter a lottery to win one more entirely for free! How? You just have to use the code FASHIONIZEINXMAS at checkout after completing your purchases at www.danielwellington.com until 15/01/2016! It goes without saying that they offer free shipping and special offers for the holidays!
It is an ideal opportunity to get a very very nice watch at a reduced price but also get one more for free!! Will you let it go by without taking advantage of it?
I am waiting for your comments regarding both the outfit but also the watch! Kisses

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