Here we are again after a while with a brand new outfit and also a giveaway which you can find in the end of this post! Dressed in a very chic outfit and out for a walk in the center of the city… With numerous 70’s influences (aka floral shirt, large glasses, hat) and wonderful pink trousers in straight line we achieved a highly spectacular combination for chic appearances which do not go unnoticed! The black – relatively long – blazer, the black high boots and a simple black envelope matched so harmoniously together creating a fantastic contrast with the trousers’ fabulous color! In the end, only one nice piece of jewelry, in this instant this wonderful ring from Smart, that immediately catches the eye without adding noise to the rest of the outfit! So don’t be afraid of colorful clothes, florals and special jewelry… wear them even in the middle of winter… Who is to say that this season can’t be fun?


Cocomelody Wedding Dresses!

Here we are again with another post regarding wedding dresses in cooperation with Cocomelody. In today’s post, I have to initially explicitly state that I am not planning on getting married (I am merely showing them for the ones that have already made their mind!), although ideas do get into my head with all those great dresses I am showing you… hmmm… Really all the wedding dresses in this site are so beautiful that even if you are targeting a specific style you won’t know which to choose. Here you can find, among others, maxi and short dresses, in a line and in balloon, in a romantic or a more conservative look with lace or without and in general a huge variety which will leave none unsatisfied. The good thing is that the website is easy to browse as all of its products are very well categorized. Do you want for example to see the new wedding dress designs for the year to come? You just have to select the category 2016 wedding dresses.  Do you dream a wedding in summer on a beach? Then you should check out the beach wedding dresses category! Simple, nice and neat! And to help you even more, I chose for you the best ones from the last two categories and I present it below! Go take a look… I am waiting for your comments! Kisses!

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