When the Denim Shirt-Dress met Burgundy!

Do you want to know what happens when a timeless piece of clothing (+ the absolute must have piece of this season) and a very impressive color which this year especially has stormed all the shop windows, join forces? As you will see below the result is very impressive but not ostentatious. You can wear such an outfit from morning till evening as it is comfortable but not boring and represents the characteristic casual chic look that fits right in these occasion! I am talking of course about the combination of a shirt denim dress with this wonderful and beloved by me burgundy in all accessories (apart from hats!) The color combination that results is more than explosive! This dark blue denim paired with such a chic color, which is reminiscent of red wine, is like they are made for one another. The purse with its fringes –a trend that actively continues from last season – sweeps in and uplifts the whole look which was already very beautiful!
As you might have guessed it is a favorite look of mine for which I expect to hear your opinion as well! I hope you like it as much as I do. Kisses!


Aisle Style!

Here we are again with a brand new post for wedding dresses, as the fall wedding season continues with unwavering interest. Today we are going to have a look at AisleStyle and its wonderful and very romantic wedding dresses! Here you can find not only the wedding dress of your dreams (in outstanding quality and also in a good price!) but also the right accessories that go with it. There are many wedding dresses categories, but we are going to focus on the ones which I liked their designs best! In the lace wedding dresses categories you can find as you might have figured out the perfect lacy dress that will make you look like a princess, in the hot sale wedding dresses you can spot something very beautiful, classic, stylish and also in a very good price and finally in the vintage wedding dresses category, which is my favorite, you can pick a timeless piece, romantic, with an old era feel which will make your look even more special and unique! 

Below you can check out the pieces that I liked the best out of the above categories! Enjoy! 


Back to Uni!

Back to universities today for students as another academic year begins! So I am writing this post to show you what I would wear these first days of classes not that the weather (in our country at least) is still quite warm! The key piece in this outfit is as you can imagine the classic striped "mariniere" blouse which is an ideal and stylish choice for transitional seasons (aka fall and spring). Important part of this outfit is also the purse and what could be more appropriate than a large satchel to fit in books and notes you might need to carry. The skirt and platforms could very well be replaced with jeans and sneakers but if the weather allows for it… why not? It’s definitely more girly and reminiscent of the school uniforms of old! So what do you think? Kisses!


Feeling like a Princess with Happiness Boutique!

When my eye first caught this particular brand I liked so much its name, that the first thing it came in my mind was how perfect it would be if we cooperated! When I saw their products and specifically their collection of statement necklaces I knew this cooperation was destined to happen! So when they contacted me from Happiness Boutique to send me one of their magnificent necklaces, two things happened! First I jumped with joy and second I did not know which one to pick! All of their designs are so pretty! You can see them here and make the one you like yours, with free delivery and participation in their customer reward program! Finally, after a long time browsing the happy world of necklaces, I chose the fantastic Pretty Ocean Blue Statement Necklace which is made from different sparking stones in all shades of blue! A very special piece which can make any girl feel like a princess! This is how the look that follows below was inspired and so we don’t beat around the bush, here it is! I am eager to hear your impressions! Kisses!


Something special...

In today's quick post I'd love to show you my current essentials..and share something really special with all of you! This amazing watch (in this perfect brown - must have color for fall-winter 2015) is a gorgeous gift from Daniel Wellington which you can make yours here with a 15 % discount by using the promo code "fashionizeinDW" until November 2nd 2015. Otherwise you can use the code when you choose your own favorite watch on www.danielwellington.com
Happy Shopping! :)

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