Fall in love with Pink!

One of the colors that will be worn a lot this season, Fall – Winter 2015 - 2016, as in the Spring - Summer 2016, will be pink! (Flies away in happiness!!) Whatever coat, dress etc. you have in pink now is the right time to wear it and also very much in fashion! This style can be romantic, sophisticated, playful or even chic – like the outfit we will see below! Don’t think “Oh no pink… I am going to look like Barbie when I wear it!” By the way I never realized why not to look like Barbie… She is gorgeous and very successful! Btw…There are many different ways to wear this specific color and look wonderful! Here for instance this midi laced dress looks very chic on its own and in combination with some fantastic accessories like this necklace from Secret Stories you have seen here but also the sandals with lace and the clutch heart both in black color uplift the look!
What do you think?


3d Shower Curtains at Beddinginn!

Quite different today’s post, in which we will come to the conclusion that fashion and art can exist not only in clothing, but everywhere! So, today I am going to show you the collection of 3d Shower Curtains of Beddinginn.com with which I have cooperated in the past and presented you their cup collection (which I know you adored). The same is bound to happen now, as these particular curtains have the prettiest and most imaginative designs anyone could think of! You can really find anything in this collection! From romantic pictures as the Eiffel tower in pastel hues or retro French press coffee, a pastry shop with fabulous colors up to depictions of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and famous painters like Van Gogh! It comes without saying that you can find lots of summer pictures like beaches, sea bottoms and flip flops, all in fantastic colors with pop art influences! This collection could not lack designs for our little friends, as the one with the witch on a pumpkin! These are just a few of the designs I selected to show you, visit the site for many more, here! I am waiting to see which one was your favorite in the comments section! Kisses!


School girl!

The combination of mustard yellow on the bag with the navy blue of the skirt is very charming, is it not? It is one of my favorite combinations and will be very popular this winter! This outfit with the aforementioned combination was worn last Sunday, here in Greece where we had yet another election… So since we go to a school to vote I decided to dress accordingly! Alright, I might not be going to school anymore, but another degree, a foreign language, we all do something. So for the prospective students what could be better than a girly, playful outfit in warm and autumn colors even if it is quite light and more like a summer outfit! (The longer we can savor our summer clothes the better!) For the shoes of this outfit I have not much to say, one of my favorite pairs and very convenient! The outfit was really lifted up when I found the perfect background ever, this wall with a great graffiti that contributed greatly to this completely unscheduled photo session! I couldn’t let this opportunity go wasted as the outfit matched the scene perfectly! So what do you think?  


Midi Wedding Dresses!

I don’t deny it… long, puffy, heavy wedding dresses with so much tulle and lace, are nice and very impressive! I can’t help wondering though how tiring and uncomfortable, when I see someone wear them. Especially since you need to wear it a whole long day and dance in it. Today I am going to show you a very different style of wedding dresses, which is not preferred by many brides, but I consider it to be very pretty and especially chic alternative. I am talking about simple and stylish wedding dresses, in midi length, with a narrow line? or a line such as the ones you can find in the Cheap wedding dresses collection by Millybridal, one site which has a great variety in wedding dresses and in formal dresses as well. The pieces you are going to see below are handpicked one by one, all in the same style (chic, midi) but each with its own, special look and  as implied by the name of the collection, all in  very reasonable prices. Let’s go see them.


Apparel Candy!!

In today’s post ladies and gentlemen I will present to you a website which has clothes and accessories in very affordable prices! Apparel Candy is based in Miami (wow!!!) and just by its name you can visualize products as nice and sweet as candy!
So today I am going to show you my favorite parts of this highly interesting collection of wholesale sunglasses and some of the more impressive wholesale clothing you can find, which will upgrade and refresh your wardrobe for the fall season!
Regarding sunglasses, most of those I am going to show you have the prettiest and romantic pastel colors ever, fabulous and stylish patterns in pin up look but also some classical styles amidst a huge variety which can satisfy even the most demanding fashionista! Frames with leopard prints, round or square, with elaborate designs or plain, it is certain that you will find the one to suit your individual needs! (Patience you can see them in a bit!)
In the clothing category, you literally don’t know what to choose first! Playful, girly dresses in various colors, ideal for the first days of fall which is not very cold as of yet, stylish shirts and blouses in all time classic white and black but also in more colorful, candy versions, trousers, shorts, skirts and everything else you might need to bring your wardrobe up to date for the upcoming season, can be found here in very tempting prices!
What do you think? Shall we go and have a look?


Full midi skirt: The romantic way!

Since we have already covered how to wear a full midi skirt in a chic way here and in a cute and playful way here, it is high time to complete the trilogy and see, as I promised you, how to wear such a skirt in a romantic way.

First and foremost I must say, that this skirt has an amazing color that is neither pink nor fuchsia but something in between which enables us to match it in a variety of ways and achieve different results. What do I mean? Matching it with black (as in the first post) the result was more intense and the color of the skirt appeared darker and harsh. Now we want to achieve a more romantic result, we combine it with white lace top, shoes and accessories in soft pastel colors so instantly the color of the skirt appears softer and sweeter. The hair up and the heart shaped purse in fairytale silver finishes this romantic look wonderfully. One of my favorites… How do you like it?


Gorgeous Bridesmaid Dresses!

Ok we all have to accept that a wedding day is all about the bride. She is the center of attention and she concentrates all eyes on her. But she is not only her. There is the bridesmaid, close relatives and friends. What do you think, shouldn’t they also be dressed in their best? On the contrary, I may say if you ask me, it is as important for them to look beautiful as it is for the bride. It goes without saying that they have to find a stylish and impressive dress to wear. Where to find it? Probably in Pickweddingdresses which is the site I am going to talk to you about today!
Wonderful Bridesmaid dresses in various styles and colors but in reasonable prices await all the girls who want to be well dressed and shine on such a day.
Take a look below which dresses I liked and tell me which one would you pick for such an occasion! Kisses!


Romantic Wedding Dresses!

We come back again to wedding posts, since truly this year, the number of friends’ weddings we attended was vast. Fortunately from 1 – 15 of August weddings are not allowed so we had some time to go on vacations! Anyway… Today, as you might have surmised, I am going to write about a site with a huge variety in formal dresses for weddings and similar occasions, Missydressesau.com and focus in their collection of wedding dresses australia in particular.
Gorgeous ethereal wedding dresses, in a line, with lace or without, short or long, romantic or not, this site’s collection is capable of fulfilling the wishes of any bride to be! Below you will see what I liked and impressed me the most! I think that despite any differences they have in details, all are especially romantic! What do you say, shall we go and have a look?
Which one is your favorite?


Colorful Balloons!

Today’s post continues the tribute in the various looks featuring full midi skirts. As you can see, featured today is the playful outfit of the trilogy as the skirt is cute and playful on its own because of its pattern and its colors! Gorgeous colored balloons all over this skirt which I combined with a dark blue crop top and sandals in pink and white! The necklace and the purse I used were in white and beige tones, as it was the main color of the skirt, while the watch and the sunglasses matched the top’s color and that of some of the balloons. Let me say here that this is an optimal outfit for morning events such as a baptism, since the whole look is as official and cute as need for such an occasion!What do you think?

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