Happy 1st Birthday Fashionizein!

It’s our birthday!! Yeeees!! Fashionizein is one year old! It really seems unbelievable to me how the time has passed… It is as if it was yesterday when I was sitting on this computer writing my first post! It is a weird feeling… when you really want to do something… but you keep postponing it… until the time is right and one day you stop waiting any longer (because the time will never be perfect) and you actually do it! Then everything falls into place! Quite a unique feeling indeed! It combines joy, sorrow, excitement, nostalgia… A bit of everything! But most important of all, it contains the feeling of success! Success not in becoming famous or wealthy… This might never happen… Success as in when you do what you love and you are happy! That which makes you whole and you enjoy doing every day. That which inspires you… This!

Moving forward … Below you can see my favorite outfits in this first year of my blog! Stay tuned. The best are yet to come! ;)


Summer Pin up!

Or else the high waisted bikini and how beautiful, vintage and retro it is! Not to mention how flattering! They did know something in the old times when they were wearing these almost exclusively… Just think of Marilyn or Brigitte Bardot! Just because it covers the lower part of the abdomen and reaches the waist it creates the effect of an hourglass body type as it emphasizes the waistline by making it look thinner! The striped patent in pink and white simply makes the whole look cuter and playful! The pink hair bow puts the final touch in this pin up look for the beach! What do you think? Do you like it? Kisses!


The trend: 70's glam!

It is not as complicated as it sounds and there is no need to spend a fortune to achieve it! (Since you have all the items below already in your closet from previous seasons!) So, to feel a little more glamorous with 70's vibes, we need:
A maxi dress: plain or with prints it matters not… as long as it is flattering and makes us feel beautiful when we wear it…
Platforms: 1. To be comfy, 2. To look taller, 3. Because they fit with maxi dresses as no other shoe! Especially if they are in beige, they fit all outfits and if they have little jewels and ornaments can be even more impressive!
Earrings: I don’t know why but while I generally I am not very fond of earrings, I really like long earrings with maxi dresses! No matter how your hair is done,up or not!
Sunglasses: Large, square, impressive! Perfect.
Hat: In summer glam needs a hat! Large, made of straw, impressive! Thanks.

So what do you say? Do you agree? How does it look?


The gingham dress!

I really love this pattern! Gingham I mean! I am really happy it's in fashion this year! Not that i didn't wear it anyhow... on the contrary... The photos below are from last year... But does it really matter? Besides it is a print with a timeless value, incorporating a bit of everything... Girly attitude, romantic and vintage mood, classic and chic style! After all these tell me, how can I not wear it constantly, in a variety of clothes and styles... Last week I show you a chic version of this post. Today's post has a more relaxed, casual and vacation's mood version as the feeling is such these days... What is as ideal and beautiful as a cute girly gingham dress to accompany us in our most carefree moments of our summer vacations?


Style is Eternal..

When FARFETCH contacted asking me to make a collage with theme “Style is Eternal”, as Yves Saint Laurent once said, for their up and running blogger exclusive contest (due to to the opening of the exhibition Yves Saint Lauren:Style is Eternal), I was thrilled! This collage should have as central item the Iconic Smoking Jacket of YSL and the whole outfit to be based on the phrase: Style is Eternal... in other words something classic which no matter how much time passes and trends change, it can be worn over and over thus staying always current, acquiring an eternal value! SO I wondered; is there anything that can be as eternal as the known to all "mariniere" blouse? There is none! What is as classic as a black costume comprised of a jacket and shorts? Nothing! Or do nude pumps and red total bags lack in timelessness and aren't they a constant value no matter what the trend of the era is!? All these along with the fact that summer and Greece with its beautiful beaches are close-knit into everyones mind were the inspiration for this collage which will be my entry for this competition! What do you think? Do you like it?
*The set is made by me on polyvore


Pearls, Roses and Culottes!

This particular post as you can gather from the title combines some of my favorite pieces for this summer!! The first one is these culottes with gingham design which are so cosy, stylish, ethereal, gorgeous and so in fashion, that if you consider their low price (12 € from Zara) you can blame your bad luck if you missed it!! The other one is this cute little purse in a soft pink hue and extra chic that has just the right size and style, that you can combine it with either casual or formal styles! Last but not least (quite the contrary!), the last piece of this look, is this necklace which was made by the hands of sweet Antonia Paziota of Secret Stories! It is so well made and delicate that instantly upgrades any look. Romantic and chic, it gives your look a totally different feel.
And since I am all for sharing, if you want to wear this wonderful piece of jewelry that will intrigue everyone’s interest (as it happened with me… ;)) you can just join the competition we and Antonia organized.

CC Hair Extensions!

Let’s face it! How many times have we not wished for longer hair? Whatever the current fashion trend is, or what suits our style more, long hair was and will always be one of the most feminine characteristics! It is what makes a woman more impressive and attractive as it is known that most men prefer women with long hair!
If you are not one of the lucky ones to have long and rich hair, don’t despair! Today’s post has the solution to your problem!
The website CC Hair Extensions has a great variety in hair extensions, most of them made by natural hair! You can take your pick between different categories depending on your hair type (curly, straight) and of course the color you want! There are hues from the palest blonde to black!
So taking into account your every need, you can choose if you want a clip in hair extensions or you prefer micro loop hair extensions. It goes without saying that curly hair are a category of their own, so our curly friends can select their extensions from the hair weave section! This section covers from slightly curly hair to the more curly ones!

Check some of them below! Kisses!


The trend: Snakeskin heels!

Generally you can’t say I am a fan of this particular print… I don’t know… it always made me shiver a bit because it looked like a snake and all… also it seemed to me a bit kitschy… so I had never any snakeskin apparel in my wardrobe. This particular heel though was what you could call love at first sight (how I managed to restrain myself until the sales, only god knows!), same goes for the purse as well. This heel has a very nice and delicate design which flatters your feet and makes it look more elegant, while the print’s colors are very intense so it doesn’t look cheesy at all! The purse is simply wonderful as it has just the appropriate size (it can hold a lot of things) without losing in elegance while the fact that it combines beige, white and snakeskin details makes it even more impressive and easy to wear!
So as purse and shoe are impressive enough, I decided to tone it down a bit, color wise at least, by matching them with this peach colored mini dress in a-line! The combination of snakeskin with pastel, instead with something black or intense which is more common, piqued my interest. I put the finishing touches with a statement necklace in beige and hair up so as to stress the dress’s great open back!
How do you like it?


Tidebuy / 3d Bed Sets!

A different post for today…  for those that know me better would say that there is no one more suited for the job than me to write it. I have aroused you curiosity, haven’t I? Today we are going to talk about bed sheets! Not for simple bed sheets to be exact, but 3d bed comforter sets ( find them with a click here: http://www.tidebuy.com/c/3d-Bedding-102222/ ) from TideBuy which we have collaborated before and you have read the post here.
To our issue at hand then… These particular bed sheets sets are simply amazing! The amazing variety of patterns (floral, jungles, cities, famous people, seasonal) as the fact that they are 3D make you feel like sinking in the picture. All the various patterns are handpicked and impressive, with the ones that depict cities or animals and my personal favorite a Christmas themed one with Santa even more so! I am sure that everyone who enjoys sleeping a little more than usual…(like me, hence the most suited person for such a post) will find it hard to climb out of bed when under those sheets!
It goes without saying that I picked my favorites and you can see them below! I am eager to hear think of your favorites in the comment sector!


Moi Lolita!

August is finally here! Mainly a month of summer holidays and carefreeness, almost a childish carefreeness that is progressively diminished ... But who prevents us to bring it back? Maybe only ourselves.. So I think It's now the time to let problems and worries behind us and enjoy the last month of summer as carefree as it gets..like we are kids again! :)

p.s To get Lolita's look you will need: a girly bikini, heart shaped sunnies, your smile, your "bonne humeur" and the cuteness of the whole world! ;) kisses! 

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