Gorgeous Bridesmaid Dresses!

So… your best friend comes along and asks you to be the maid of honor (in Greece it is quite different as the maid of honor role merges with the best man’s) or one of the bridesmaids. At first you are very happy but after a while you realize: 
a.You have to find something to wear 
b.This something must be exceptional because well you are the second person of interest after the bride! 
What you might not know though, is that this “something exceptional” you want to wear doesn’t need to cost you a fortune! Where to find it though?
Here I come along with my today’s post and I give you the solution! I am going to show you the most appropriate dresses for this occasion from Millybridal! In the category Bridesmaid Dresses UK you can find great dresses from a very formal one, to the most romantic soft pastels, up to the most conservative ones in intense and more serious colors. I am sure you will have no trouble at all finding one to suit you!

I chose, as always, the ones I liked the best and you can see them below! I am awaiting your choices in the comments section!


What to wear for a morning wedding!

So what do we wear when invited in a morning wedding? (Yes, this can happen!) First of all we have to rule out too fancy and formal clothes, as it is morning and being overdressed is not something you would want, because it is tiresome and unbefitting the general mood of the occasion. You can also rule out high heel shoes obviously for the same reason (Yes it is a wedding but it is in the MORNING!!). Personally, in a similar occasion, I decided to wear some impressive high waisted pants in combination with a crop top and platforms My bling was limited to a handcuff type bracelet and a watch. For a purse I chose a simple envelope. The outfit was in between blue and white hues – totally summer colors and very light – while my hair were tied up since the heat was unbearable! I believe such an outfit is a rather good choice of such events as it bestows elegance and comfort in an equal amount, both invaluable to a successful look!

How do you like this outfit? What would you wear in a similar occasion? Kisses!!


Landybridal – Wedding Dresses!

Weddings have been on the rise this summer and I keep my promise of presenting wedding themed e-shops. After we saw here how you can dress as a guest, now it is time to assume the role of the bride!
This site which we are going to talk about today is Landybridal. It is an e-shop that has been 15 years in the wedding industry and specializes in formal dresses and wedding dresses. Especially regarding wedding dresses, it has a huge variety in patterns and styles which are constantly renewed according to the latest fashion trends. So you can find a wedding dress among the many wedding dresses under 500 offered, in any style from assymetric, short or balloon up to plus sizes, appropriate for the beach or some of the more romantic (some of my favorites) a line wedding dresses.
As previously, I have chosen for you the wedding dresses which I liked more in this particular e-shop and are presented below! I am eager to hear your thoughts and comments! Kisses!


Full midi skirt - The chic way!

Recently I can say that I have fanatically adopted one very loved and feminine trends, this of full midi skirt with 1950’s influences. I like this particular style very much since I think it suits my body type (hourglass) and my style (playful and girly)! For this reason there will be a series of posts in which I am going to show you how to match this skirt depending on the style you want to have.

In today’s post we will see this skirt in a very formal and chic way. As its color is a very impressive fuchsia and its fabric of high quality, I decided to combine it with a laced crop top and sandals of a similar style in black color, since what can be more chic than all-time classic black! The black-fuchsia combo is ideal for chic and special appearances! In order to move away from two color monotony, I selected a purse in pastel colors instead of a black one which is the obvious choice. So what do you think? I assure you, this particular outfit will make the difference in any formal social event you have to attend! ;)


Cocomelody - Homecoming Dresses!

Since weddings and christenings of this summer have no ending, I will continue on presenting a series of e-shops in which you can find impressive and at the same time affordable dresses for such occasions. The site featured in today’s post is Cocomelody. It’s a website that specializes in wedding dresses and formal dresses suitable for weddings, balls or christenings. I am going to mention the category of homecoming dresses in particular, which holds a great array of such dresses in very impressive designs and colors. The fact that all these dresses can be made to order, especially for you so that they fit your body type and the event you need them for in general, makes them even more tempting! Opting for Cocomelody dresses is a great value for money choice for all those who want to stand out in the crowd without spending a fortune. I picked for you the prettiest inexpensive homecoming dresses, in my opinion, as you can see below. I hope you like them! Let’s take a look!


Colorful Formal Dresses!

Summer (even if it doesn’t look like summer at the moment here) is here and is high season for weddings! Even if you are not the ones getting married you surely attend one or more weddings as guests. I am sure you will all want to be dressed to impress and stand out in the crowd! Today I would like to present you a website that has a great variety of dresses suited for such formal occasions as weddings. It is called FormalDressAustralia and as it its name reveals it has mostly Formal Dresses in different styles and colors! Long and short, with lace or not, you can find what suits your style and taste! From the many categories that you can choose from, I chose “Formal Dresses Brisbane” which contains maxi dresses in fabulous summer colors, pastel and brighter, with a romantic touch that befits such an occasion. Below you can see my picks of these categories. I hope you like it! Let’s take a look at them! :) 

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