Sheinside Summer Wishlist!

As summer is at our doorstep, I think it is time to refresh our wardrobe. What is better then, than to incorporate some new elements in blue and sand color to get a whiff of sea, islands and summer! Jumpsuits, full skirts and amazing maxi dresses, all from Sheinside.com in amazing prices! Shall we see what I picked?


If I was wearing glasses...(Firmoo review)

...I would be looking like this! So to speak, I never had any issues with my eyesight so I never had to wear glasses. Even when I asked friends of mine to try on their glasses I didn’t manage to keep them on for more than 2 seconds straight because I was getting dizzy! SO when firmoo.com contacted me I was very glad because I would have the opportunity to use a pair of glasses with simple lenses ( not for near/far sightedness etc.) to wear as an accessory! It was quite hard for me to choose to be honest (until the send me a mail that there was a problem with my choice) because all of their designs were one better than the next! Finally, as a classic aquarius I chose the most unique, impressive, eccentric design of all in their collection. (and also the most pricy one). It combines one of my favorite colors, turquoise and tartaruga – one of the latest trends not only in glasses but everywhere- and it has a butterfly shape which in my opinion flatters most faces. It came with a fantastic case which competes in style with the glasses themselves! I got you hooked now haven’t I, you want a pair yourselves? Fortunately, I have good news for you because firmoo.com offers all new clients -15% in whatever glasses they buy on their first order! Good shopping then… and take a look at me and give me your thoughts on how I look with those glasses! Kisses! :)

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