The Pink Outerwear!

I won’t start with how much I like pink or how in fashion it is… All I am going to show you is an easy way for you to lighten up and add color to your outfits, now that the weather gets better and always. Include pink in your wardrobe. In one item at least if you are not a fan, on the outerwear! It might be a jacket, a cardigan, a blazer or a coat it will be perfect! The pinkier the better. And don’t think you need to dress like Barbie to match it. No, you can very well combine it with something neutral… a grey dress for example… and the contrast you will achieve can be impressive! What do you think? Do you agree with my choice? :)



This post is mainly for the brides to be… which are still on the search for a wedding dress and don’t want to spend hours (and days!) finding the one!
Today, I have the distinct pleasure of presenting you an e-shop that specializes in wedding attire, not only wedding dresses but dresses for the party afterwards or other social gatherings of the same sort like baptisms etc. In WeddingShe, which is the eshop I am talking to you about, you can also find accessories and shoes that complete your look!
The variety of wedding dresses available on WeddingShe is unlimited so every bride to be can easily find the wedding dress of her dreams, which can be one of the most important parameter for a pretty wedding…  a pretty wedding of WeddingShe! The designs and colors you can choose are plenty, from colored to black and the more classicals ivory, white and champagne!
Even though I would be inclined to choose a pink one, today I am going to draw your attention towards the champagne wedding dresses! This specific color matches perfectly the nature of wedding dresses in general since it makes them look rather classy while enhancing their romantic aspect! More beautiful and impressive than white ones, in my opinion, champagne wedding dresses flatter all women regardless of skin or hair color! In WeddingShe you can find many wedding dress styles in this color, from simple ones in straight lines to more impressive ones with a long tail!
Follows a collection of the Champagne Wedding Dresses I liked the most…
You can see the full collection of champagne wedding dresses here:http://www.weddingshe.com/list/Champagne-Wedding-Dresses-112607/!


Colorful & Casual!

It was a very nice day if you set aside the fact that although sunny, it was so windy you could very well catch a cold and spend the following days in bed feverish! Hence the beanie on my head… Anyway… In this look I combined two colors which I consider to match rather well, mustard and dark green, and complement it with details in nude, crème, and black! I highlighted this otherwise simple outfit with a playful necklace which combines all the above colors! When I bought this necklace I truly had nothing to match it with, I just bought it because I liked it and the price was right! Check this out though… a simple top, some colorful jeans and a black leather jacket, all matched up really nice! 

How do you like this outfit? 


Shopping at Zaful.com!

And after we ate, drank and danced (sort of) all of us who celebrated Easter this Sunday, it is time for work already and I am very happy to introduce you a new partnership of fashionizein with a well known e-shop, www.zaful.com!
It is a website that has a great variety of clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories all in very good prices! You can find all the latest trends there which you can make yours with only one click and most importantly: you can have them delivered in your doorstep for free since the company offers free worldwide shipping!
So you can choose between impressive spring dresses all in wonderful colors and designs, jackets, blazers and overcoats in a variety of styles and tops for everyday or more special, all appropriate for your spring and summer nights out! You can also acquire you swim suit from zaful.com since the beautiful patterns in its collection leave no one untouched!
It goes without saying that zaful also has shoes ( I want them all, have I told you??), jewelry and a great collection of accessories like all sorts of bags, scarfs, hats, belts and everything else you might need for a complete and impressive look.
Moreover, the shopping procedure in zaful is made very easy since you can sort by type of clothing, fabric, length, pattern, size or color you want by selecting the respective filter in your search! You can of course sort by the price range you want your piece of clothing to have!
So what do you say?
Shall I show you which pieces did I pick from www.zaful.com?
P.S. As I told you I want all the shoes but I had to restrain myself… ;)


Ladylike or girly?

Today’s post is Easter Appropriate since the situation calls for formal dress throughout the holidays! We are going through the first days of spring but if you are bold enough to battle the cold you can adopt this spring look that treads between classic ladylike style ( white, red and black colors along with 50’s full skirt) and girly (playful polka dot pattern all over the skirt). Besides, Easter brings to me memories of very relaxed and happy times from when we were younger spending the holidays with our grandpa and grandma in the village and playing with other kids in our age! So… Ladylike or girly, it doesn’t mean you have to discard one… By adopting a similar look you can accomplish both and with your bearing and attitude accentuate the style you prefer!

PS. It is dead obvious that I have chosen the girly side of this look or am I wrong?

Happy Easter to all! :)


Prom Dresses 2015 at PromTimes.co.uk

Spring (supposedly) has come and in a short while when the weather starts getting better, invitations to weddings, christenings and all kind of social gatherings will increase in number! Moreover, the prom dance time is getting closer as well!
What all the above have in common? Finding the right dress of course! How many times have we had a hard time finding the right dress for every occasion!
Today I have the pleasure of presenting you the collection Prom Dresses 2015, from PromTimes.co.uk which I have already told you about in a previous post!
Prom Dresses 2015 is the right choice for every girl that needs to effortlessly, fast and without spending a fortune, acquire a dress which will make her stand out in the crowd! The collection has such a variety of designs and colors that is hard for someone not to find something that fits both their taste and body type! You have many categories to choose the right dress from like Long Prom Dresses and Short Prom Dresses, depending on the length of the dress which you desire! If the price is your main concern you can select Cheap Prom Dresses or if you want to check out the newest pieces in the collection New Arrival Prom Dresses! More categories include Vintage Prom Dresses for people who like vintage and Plus Size Prom Dresses for the more curvy girls! None will be left disappointed if she chooses her dress from PromTimes.co.uk and especially from the Prom Dresses 2015 collection where she can find a dress in many different colors like red, black, blue, pink and white to name a few!
Here you can see my favorite Prom Dresses 2015..
Pick your favorite here!

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