The leopard scarf!

Leopard prints are very impressive! Especially when worn right it is also very stylish! I prefer it mostly in accessories (bags, shoes etc.) and in their details, since in that way I can wear a relatively neutral outfit and add a subtle albeit impressive touch! This particular scarf is one of these “lifesaving” accessories. It combines leopard with one of my favorite winter colors(wine red) and instantly enhances the outfit’s effect which hue is already between burgundy and black! Viva la leopard scarf then! I hope you like it…both the outfit and the scarf! ;)


Happy Valentine's day!

Just a quick post to wish everyone Happy Valentine's day! Have a great time and show your love not only today but whenever you feel it and you have the chance! Be happy and love each other..because at last..All you need is love!

p.s. The above image is made by me on Polyvore!

For more sets you can visit my page on: http://theano-fashionizein.polyvore.com/

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Απλά ένα γρήγορο ποστ για να ευχηθώ σε όλους και όλες Happy Valentine's day! Να περάσετε όμορφα και να δείχνετε την αγάπη σας όχι μόνο σήμερα αλλά όποτε το νιώθετε και σας δίνεται η ευκαιρία! Να είστε όλοι καλά και αγαπημένοι μεταξύ σας..γιατί σε τελική ανάλυση..All you need is love!

Υ.Γ. Η παραπάνω εικόνα έχει φτιαχτεί από εμένα στο Polyvore

Για περισσότερα sets μπορείτε να επισκεφθείτε τη σελίδα μου στο: http://theano-fashionizein.polyvore.com/


It's maxi time...with PromTimes.co.uk!

It may as well be that mini dresses are more dandy and playful… but the truth us that maxi always make an impression! They are more impressive, more imposing one might say… and many times sexier than minis! Maxis are flattering to most silhouettes and if you choose a maxi outfit it is certain you won’t go unnoticed… since most of us choose the “safe bet” of a mini dress!
In Promtimes.co.uk you can find a large variety of dresses! Especially the Evening Dresses UK category is maxi heaven! You can find there, the perfect maxi dresses, in various styles and patterns and colors like black, blue, pink, red and white! Those specific dresses apart from the fact that they can cover the needs of even the most demanding girl searching for a dress for the prom or her best friend’s wedding, they are also quite affordable! We all know very well how much can a good dress cost and especially a maxi. In Promtimes.co.uk the prices are reasonable and especially so if you factor in the good quality of their products! It sounds to me like the perfect opportunity for someone to acquire a wonderful dress without going broke!
How about we take a look together to the most impressive – in my opinion – maxi dresses in their collection?

You can always visit their website and choose your own favorite here!

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