It's all about Inspiration!

In general I believe that good taste as style is something you have or you don’t…  However, sometimes it is natural that your mind dries out of ideas for stylish combos so you need something to draw your inspiration from, so you can upgrade your look and refresh your style… and why not your mood as well in the process..(anyway you look at it an inspired outfit makes your mood!) Here is where Stylekick kicks in, an app designed for iOS and Android devices in which you can share your ootd and inspire the world(why not?) and also get ideas from many fashionistas suggestions!
So today’s outfit is inspired, connects many of the latest trends together which in my opinion have an excellent result…;) For a funky, funny and playful look, I combined: A long blouse with pop art logos, a black skirt with straps, high thigh socks, biker boots, statement necklace, a neutral backpack, a crème beanie, black round mirrored glasses and the stylish and famous khaki parka!

What do you think? Do you like the outfit? 


Fashionizein 2014..The beginning!

It’s been only 14 days since 2014 waved us goodbye for good and I would like us to remember my favorite outfits but also my cooperations which came to fruition during the first months of this blog! Regardless if 2014 was in general a good or not year (can’t say it was but anyhow!), it will always be the year this blog was started! The year in which I vowed to do everything so as to finally work on what I really want and make me happy and not what necessity drives me to.  There were and will still be difficulties! The important thing is to keep going! 2014 made me realize that you must not let your dreams  remain dreams but you must try and realize them… and if you try sooner or later you will make it happen! So 2014 will always carry this significance for me and cast an optimistic glance on 2015!
I wish we all have a nice and creative year!

Let’s see what happened on the first months of this blog’s life!


Red wine and Happiness!

Hello and Happy new year to you all! This is officially the first post of 2015 in which I want to show you my favourite woolen sweater! A sweater that I actually have since the age of 15!!( What does that tell us? a. I haven’t changed much since then! b. I take good care of my clothes and even after years they look good as new. c. I have so many clothes that I can’t wear them enough to wear them out…d. all of the above!-lol-)So… this sweater has this unbelievably nice burgundy color which looks like the color of red wine and it is just as warm as needed to avoid freezing with the low temperatures of the last few days! It matches many colors… in this particular instance I decided to combine it with this floral skirt and finish the outfit with pieces in khaki and black… colors which are also on the skirt!

So..what do you think? Do you like it?

PS. The parka and the high socks are my new obsession and I have a feeling that you might be seeing them soon in other posts! ;)

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