It’s party time…with PromTimes.co.uk!

Always around this time of year, a few days before New Year’s Eve (even on the Eve for the daring ones!), all the girls I know are on the search for the right dress in which they will astound the crowds!! This dress, in red or black usually (although you shouldn’t get stuck to stereotypes… you can wear any color that you like as long as it looks good on you and cheer you up!!) it has to be glittering, chic, sexy and at the same time glamorous!
Where are you going to get such a dress without exhausting tours to the stores with all the people shopping for the holidays (I don’t want to even think about it!!), without even leave the comfort of your own house?
That’s why I am here, to give you the solution presenting to you, the ideal e-shop for this occasion.
Promtimes.co.uk has a vast collection of dresses. Short, long, sexy, preppy… whatever you can imagine! Especially the category Prom/Coctail Dresses UK is filled with dresses Ideal for New Year’s Eve party! What can I say more about this collection! Each is more glamorous and beautiful than the other!! Some with tulle, some with sequins or little stones, in tight or loose fit and with an abundance of available color categories like red, black, white, blue and pink prom/cocktail dresses they can cover even the most demanding and special customer! Do you want to look like a princess on New Year’s Eve? Go for pink! Do you want to melt hearts? Look under red! There is something more I have kept for the end… All dresses in whichever category can come in every color (i.e. green, mauve, whatever you want) upon request!! A dress made specially only for you! What else can you ask for?
Because in situations like these pictures speak louder than words, check out which dresses did I pick from all the color categories of this collection. I’m sure you will find it hard picking only one that you like!
Find your favorite prom/cocktail dress here!


Merry Christmas!!

Today’s post is totally festive with lots of Christmas trees (four to be exact), two decorated fireplaces and many more Christmas decorated spots from three different houses (mine, my mother’s and my mother’s-in-law) All decorated with lots of love, trying to impart all the more the warmth and festive mood of the days!
May these pictures give you joy and inspire you for the best!
I wish these Christmas to be for everyone the happiest and with more joy the ever! All of you have a good time with your family and your loved ones, eat, drink dance and take care!
Merry Christmas!!
Ah! Can you guess which of the trees was the one, I decorated? Hint: two of the four are mine…! Come on… Especially one of them is easy to spot!


Rosegal accessories / Review!

About two months ago, Rosegal contacted me for a potential future cooperation! It goes without saying that I accepted as their products are as high in quality as they are low in price! As part of this cooperation I was assigned a sum which I could use to buy whichever of their products I wanted and after I receive them to write a review about them! It took me a few days to be honest and I finally chose this great watch and these two gorgeous sets of bracelets in pastel colors! I am very glad I picked those pieces and I have only positive things to say!
  • All the products were very well wrapped and there was no danger to break during transit.
  • It took about a month for the products to reach Greece which is usual for all products shipped from this area/(i.e.East Asia), I mean without delay.
  • All accessories were exactly as shown on the site. Even better actually!
  • They were all fantastic and their price very low!

I would definitely recommend them for anyone who wants a gift for herself or a friend in the days to come.You can see all Rosegal accessories here!

What do you think? Did I choose well? :)


Rainy days...

…can be fun! Or else.. How can you not lose your style and mood because of the rain! But of course by wearing a special… very special pair of wellies that will upgrade at once your look but it will also make your mood! Personally, in order to achieve this, I selected a quite impressive pair of wellies which I bought on last year’s sales, while visiting Axel Accessories! (so glad about that – it’s a great shop). The combination of leopard print (big hit of the season – a special on this will follow so stay tuned!) with the burgundy bow instantly clicked me and... voila! An otherwise modest outfit which is based on total black just got infinitely more interesting by combining it with the right accessories! A statement necklace, nice purse, leather jacket but the shoes make the difference my friends, let’s not kid ourselves! It can easily uplift or… crash land a look! Don’t you agree? 

What do you think of the wellies and the rest of the look? :)

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