Impress with Aviva Dress!

Let’s face it, we have all had moments in our lives when we have been invited to a social event (such as a wedding, a ball or a New Year’s Eve party) and we’ve been looking for the right dress to wear, up to the last moment…  This was a regular occurrence for me, so I decided to follow a certain recipe (to avoid last minute’s panic in the future) which turned out to be quite successful! What I do, is buy a dress when I spot a nice sell before the actual need for such a dress appears. So when an e-shop has perfect dresses, reasonable prices and international shipping, well, you can’t let such an opportunity go to waste, you buy now so you have it when you need it;)! 
Such an e-shop is AVIVA DRESS! A family owned business that is around for more than ten years and specializes in wedding dresses and special occasion dresses In general with modern designs, large range in sizes ( from extra small up to extra-large upon request), the best prices you will find, as well as an astonishing variety of individual styles! So, if you are the bridesmaid, a good friend of the bride,  a special guest, or simply you want to make an impression, you are at the right place! 
At Aviva Dress you can choose between different designs and colors in categories such as evening dressescocktail dressesparty dressesbridesmaid dresses etc. Another popular category is prom dresses which are divided into short prom dresses and long prom dresses! You certainly are going to choose some of those if you want to be in the spotlight! 
However, Aviva Dress doesn’t stop here! I am not sure about other countries, but in Greece, renting a wedding dress costs more than a good month’s salary, so why pay more when you can find good quality in a decent price? In Aviva’s website there are unique wedding dresses for all tastes which can fulfill the needs of even the most demanding brides, and all in very affordable prices!
What? Have I not convinced you to visit their website yet!? Well since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are some of my favorite Aviva dresses!
To find your own special dress visit the official Aviva Dress website here


Be cool at school!

I don't have to say a lot! Only this... it simply is a perfect early autumn (or spring) casual outfit which you can wear all day long! For school or university, for walking or coffee even for shopping! Not only is it comfortable, but you can look stylish putting in the least effort! The tied shirt makes the look very interesting while the lace top with the shorts lacy detail (except it is quite trendy) adds a romantic touch. The colored basic under top, the backpack and the allstar shoes all in similar colours are just the special details that every outfit needs! Well..this is my (two weeks) belated post for "back to school" look! What do you think?


Say it with a kimono!

I think it is time to say goodbye to summer!Ok not yet maybe..but it is now necessary to put an outerwear over our shoulders in order not to get cold.. And what would be more suitable than a kimono! That trend which made its appearance last spring and reached its peak during the summer, can be easily fit in our autumn wardrobe! When the weather is not very hot but not so cold to wear something woolen either, the kimono is your best choice! It is lightweight, as warm as it needs to be and more impressive than a simple cardigan! Furthermore, while most kimonos are colourful you can match them with simple and plain outfits without wasting your time to find the best combination ever! Here you will see my favourite one - I liked its colours so much :)- with a simple total black outfit which doesn't easily go unnoticed..guess why! because of the kimono! Well..say goodbye to summer..Say it with a kimono!


Do you believe in fairytales?

I love wearing colourful clothes! Even when I'm feeling down they always cheer me up! I also love playful and girly style, so when I saw this dress with the the blue polka dots and snow white printed on it on Sheinside's site...Oh lala.. it was love at first sight! I had a few combinations in my mind( I have many pairs of shoes..#shoeaddict #shopacholic remember?- I'll show them to you at some point- btw) and that's the one I like the most! These amazing red fornarina high heel sandals are so cute, beautiful and comfortable at the same time and suited perfectly with the dress! The tally weijl heart bag is like it was made to match them! (I have no words of describing how much I love this cluch bag!) Well..since it is still summer in Greece, I'm happy to present you this lovely outfit! It's perfect for a romantic date..when everything is like a fairytale..:) Do you believe in fairytales? Who knows..maybe I do:)


..Sun kissed..

I don't know about you, this always happens to me! Right after winter, on March or April when it is still cold outside (even snowing sometimes!!!) everybody is looking forward to summer.. But me... I just don't want the winter to end! Well.. not a heavy one with lots of cold but.. ok..it's..well..I confess! I want to wear my boots, my jackets and all my new wintery clothes in general, a little bit more (shopacholics I'm sure can relate!) Well.. every single year i feel the same about summer! When September comes and everyone with their winter wishes, it drives me crazy! But..Wait a minute! The weather is still hot! Ok.. Not wear my bikini and go to the beach hot but I refuse to wear boots yet! Maybe my all-stars which are (at least for me) the middle step between summer and winter! All these being said as you understand to justify this post, whose title is a little bit summery!
This is an outfit that suited me well! Pants like these are very comfortable and being high waisted as well, you have nothing to fear (even if you don't have the perfect abs!). For the same reason you can easily wear a crop top (and not a simple one) making the look more impressive! As the colors of this look are quite intense, I preferred the shoes to be a bit softer like to the beloved nude / light beige tones! Of course wedges fit perfect as they heighten the look and.. me (they make me so tall hehe)! Ah! Please note that this outfit is perfect for a girl's night out! What do you think?
Special guests in order of appeareance:
- Diablo, my boyfriend's cute little doggy :P
- Matina, my very busy friend who hasn't managed to visit my blog yet!


Retro girl!

I've always loved retro!Clothes, shoes, movies..everything! This summer i was very fond of this style..Crop top, high-waist full skirt, retro glasses, headband and sandals!Everything in beautiful and lovely pastels..baby blue and light pink!!so cute and delicate combination at the same time!!This outfit was one of my favourites because it was cozy yet stunning and it was perfectly wearable both day and night!

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