It’s party time…with PromTimes.co.uk!

Always around this time of year, a few days before New Year’s Eve (even on the Eve for the daring ones!), all the girls I know are on the search for the right dress in which they will astound the crowds!! This dress, in red or black usually (although you shouldn’t get stuck to stereotypes… you can wear any color that you like as long as it looks good on you and cheer you up!!) it has to be glittering, chic, sexy and at the same time glamorous!
Where are you going to get such a dress without exhausting tours to the stores with all the people shopping for the holidays (I don’t want to even think about it!!), without even leave the comfort of your own house?
That’s why I am here, to give you the solution presenting to you, the ideal e-shop for this occasion.
Promtimes.co.uk has a vast collection of dresses. Short, long, sexy, preppy… whatever you can imagine! Especially the category Prom/Coctail Dresses UK is filled with dresses Ideal for New Year’s Eve party! What can I say more about this collection! Each is more glamorous and beautiful than the other!! Some with tulle, some with sequins or little stones, in tight or loose fit and with an abundance of available color categories like red, black, white, blue and pink prom/cocktail dresses they can cover even the most demanding and special customer! Do you want to look like a princess on New Year’s Eve? Go for pink! Do you want to melt hearts? Look under red! There is something more I have kept for the end… All dresses in whichever category can come in every color (i.e. green, mauve, whatever you want) upon request!! A dress made specially only for you! What else can you ask for?
Because in situations like these pictures speak louder than words, check out which dresses did I pick from all the color categories of this collection. I’m sure you will find it hard picking only one that you like!
Find your favorite prom/cocktail dress here!


Merry Christmas!!

Today’s post is totally festive with lots of Christmas trees (four to be exact), two decorated fireplaces and many more Christmas decorated spots from three different houses (mine, my mother’s and my mother’s-in-law) All decorated with lots of love, trying to impart all the more the warmth and festive mood of the days!
May these pictures give you joy and inspire you for the best!
I wish these Christmas to be for everyone the happiest and with more joy the ever! All of you have a good time with your family and your loved ones, eat, drink dance and take care!
Merry Christmas!!
Ah! Can you guess which of the trees was the one, I decorated? Hint: two of the four are mine…! Come on… Especially one of them is easy to spot!


Rosegal accessories / Review!

About two months ago, Rosegal contacted me for a potential future cooperation! It goes without saying that I accepted as their products are as high in quality as they are low in price! As part of this cooperation I was assigned a sum which I could use to buy whichever of their products I wanted and after I receive them to write a review about them! It took me a few days to be honest and I finally chose this great watch and these two gorgeous sets of bracelets in pastel colors! I am very glad I picked those pieces and I have only positive things to say!
  • All the products were very well wrapped and there was no danger to break during transit.
  • It took about a month for the products to reach Greece which is usual for all products shipped from this area/(i.e.East Asia), I mean without delay.
  • All accessories were exactly as shown on the site. Even better actually!
  • They were all fantastic and their price very low!

I would definitely recommend them for anyone who wants a gift for herself or a friend in the days to come.You can see all Rosegal accessories here!

What do you think? Did I choose well? :)


Rainy days...

…can be fun! Or else.. How can you not lose your style and mood because of the rain! But of course by wearing a special… very special pair of wellies that will upgrade at once your look but it will also make your mood! Personally, in order to achieve this, I selected a quite impressive pair of wellies which I bought on last year’s sales, while visiting Axel Accessories! (so glad about that – it’s a great shop). The combination of leopard print (big hit of the season – a special on this will follow so stay tuned!) with the burgundy bow instantly clicked me and... voila! An otherwise modest outfit which is based on total black just got infinitely more interesting by combining it with the right accessories! A statement necklace, nice purse, leather jacket but the shoes make the difference my friends, let’s not kid ourselves! It can easily uplift or… crash land a look! Don’t you agree? 

What do you think of the wellies and the rest of the look? :)


Warm and Cozy

Knitwear and wool are not generally my first choice. I don’t know… a bit that they feel itchy and adding too much volume deters me. I do love this specific long sweater though! It has a wonderful array of colors, cute little details (like the little hearts), it is very well knitted and is oh so soft. Moreover, it is just as long as needed to be paired with leggings. So, combined with a leather jacket, a fur vest, boots and a spacious bag they make up one of my best outfits for cold and busy days like these. It’s a really warm and comfortable outfit! What do you think?


Custom Cups 2014 at Beddinginn!

November with its cold weather is already here, the end of fall is near and winter is coming! Fireplaces are afire much more, warm blankets are out and it’s time for snuggling. What’s better than sitting in your home, enjoying your hot beverage with your friends or your loved ones… Dreamy… What would it make it even more perfect? But of course the beautiful cups which you can use to serve your coffee or tea. Let me tell you here, that buying cups with beautiful designs and pretty drawings on them is one of my hobbies. In whatever store I go that sells cups I always find some that I like… so I buy one… What can a girl do? They are so pretty and they come so cheaply too…
So you can easily imagine that when beddinginn.com asked me to write a post for their cup collection I was beside myself with joy!
The cups available at this site are grouped in categories. One category is cappuccino cups, where someone can find ceramic cups in various designs. Special handles, imaginative decoration and cute lids can certainly add to your coffee drinking experience.
A second category is cups and saucers. Here can someone find cups with pretty, romantic or classic drawings on them paired with their respective saucer.
Another category is glass tea cups. If you are a tea enthusiast and you’d rather relish your tea in a glass cup then here you can find some of the cutest designs.
Personally, I liked lots of cups from all three categories (it was quite hard to choose to be honest) and I’ll show you my favorites! Let’s go have a look, shall we?

You can see the whole Beddinginn's cup collection here.


Comfort zone

Today I’m going to show you my favorite outfit for autumn when the temperature is still high! I think it’s like a uniform for me! What do I mean? When I’m in a hurry to go, I choose an outfit like this! When I have work to do outside and I want to be comfortable yes… I choose something like this! This is an outfit based on my favourite boyfriend jeans as I’ve shown you here! On top I usually wear a t-shirt or a tank top and over that a colorful blazer which offers me the suitable warmth! To complete this cosy outfit I usually prefer sneakers and a bag which is big enough for a lot of stuff. That day I would like to hold my new Αccessorize bag which I think is soo lovely..-everything related to Paris is lovely;)-so I chose to wear this cute top with these sweet little bows! What do you think?


Gone with the Wind..

I would really like to have named this post differently. As you might reckon from the pictures to follow, ‘Gone with the wind’ is quite an appropriate title though. It was a really nice day, the day these pictures were taken, the sun was shining, temperature was still high… it just seemed to be a little windy. As I hadn’t gone out of the house, it wasn’t clear to me that ‘little windy’ was in fact too windy for my taste. Something you should know about me is that I really hate it when it is too windy, my hair seem to be all over the place, I get a headache and also really annoyed because of all this. Even rain bothers me less than wind! As you might have guessed by now I was quite annoyed during the photo-shoot, something that is evident on some photos while on others I managed to hide (or the wind might have been less at the time, who knows) I had to use my hands to avoid taking a bunch of pictures focused on hair, I also had to erase some stray curls in Photoshop, so these are the best photos I can show!

Apart from the weather conditions (and excuse my annoyed rumbling) in which the photo-shoot took place, I really liked this particular look. First of all I love the combination of light pink and black. I consider it to be a classic, stylish and sweet at the same time. I also consider that paired clothes (i.e. skirt and blouse of the same fabric, color and pattern) look very handsome and impressive, they have the required for me girlish touch (they kind of remind me of the sets we used to wear as kids) and wearing them you have a nice result without too much trouble! 

So what do you think? 

(Please ignore any sour faces and stray hair! Thank you!)


Time to buy...prom shoes from Tidebuy!

Shoes! Probably a girl’s best friend...even better than diamonds ;) The shoe issue is not so easy as some people think.It’s really a big deal! Why? Shoes are a key element for every style and the accessory which makes the difference in someone’s appearance. A wrong choice of shoes can ruin even the most beautiful outfit while the right one can immediately improve even a boring or simple look!! Especially when the shoes are going to be worn in a very unique occasion like a prom or a special event for example, then the right choice is for every girl something more than a necessity!
The Tidebuy prom shoes are a wonderful selection of this kind of shoes! Every girl can find her dream heels among Tidebuy popular prom shoes! Even if your style is romantic, classic or trendy you can find something to suit you! If you prefer your shoes to be silver, white or another color, with high heel or not, stiletto or chunky and you don’t want to spend a fortune for them, then you are in the right place! Categories like Tidebuy cheap prom shoesTidebuycheap silver heels or Tidebuy cheap white prom shoes and Tidebuyprom shoe chunky heel etc. are there to help you find your dream pair!

Would you like to see my favorite ones for each category? Let’s go!

You can find yours here!


Jeans to Jeans

I think it’s time to show you my favorite boyfriend jeans that I bought last year from Attrattivo. I think they are one of my best buys ever! They are trendy, cozy, and you can include them in lots of combinations! I have worn them in so many occasions, from morning till night! I chose to combine this outfit with another denim item like this shirt from Stradivarius. The ‘denim on denim’ idea is really easy to implement and the result is always stunning and beautiful! Wearing denim all over you can never go wrong! The only thing you have to do in order to complete the outfit is to style it with your favorite colors and accessories to add your own finishing touch! Special detail of this outfit? Combine for the first time socks with high-heel sandals! Well..Here is my 'jeans to jeans' look! What do you think? J


Liebster blog award!

I'm so happy to announce you that dear Sara from My dreams our inspiration has nominated me for the Liebster award! That's really great, thank you girl! But..what is it? Liebster is an award in order to discover new blogs! How does it work? One blogger nominates 11 new bloggers with a small number of followers(<200) and ask them 11 questions. The blogger tag the nominees and post a comment on their blog to let them know they are nominated. Then the nominees answer the questions and nominate other 11 bloggers, creating 11 new questions for them and so goes on. All the nominees have to thank the blogger who nominated them by putting a link to his blog in their posts.! 


Barbie girl!

When I have the chance I wear pink! I don’t know why! I suppose that I have so many clothes in this color that seems difficult to find anything else to wear! hehe!;) In addition to that, pink makes me feel like a doll, makes me smile and as I’m a blonde I think it suits me well! So, when I was invited on a friend’s wedding I knew exactly what I would wear! I prefer wearing pink or another cute color when I have to go to a wedding or a baptism, because it seems appropriate for a romantic occasion like this. But as I’ve already said…Pink is always a good idea…isn’t it?


Impress with Aviva Dress!

Let’s face it, we have all had moments in our lives when we have been invited to a social event (such as a wedding, a ball or a New Year’s Eve party) and we’ve been looking for the right dress to wear, up to the last moment…  This was a regular occurrence for me, so I decided to follow a certain recipe (to avoid last minute’s panic in the future) which turned out to be quite successful! What I do, is buy a dress when I spot a nice sell before the actual need for such a dress appears. So when an e-shop has perfect dresses, reasonable prices and international shipping, well, you can’t let such an opportunity go to waste, you buy now so you have it when you need it;)! 
Such an e-shop is AVIVA DRESS! A family owned business that is around for more than ten years and specializes in wedding dresses and special occasion dresses In general with modern designs, large range in sizes ( from extra small up to extra-large upon request), the best prices you will find, as well as an astonishing variety of individual styles! So, if you are the bridesmaid, a good friend of the bride,  a special guest, or simply you want to make an impression, you are at the right place! 
At Aviva Dress you can choose between different designs and colors in categories such as evening dressescocktail dressesparty dressesbridesmaid dresses etc. Another popular category is prom dresses which are divided into short prom dresses and long prom dresses! You certainly are going to choose some of those if you want to be in the spotlight! 
However, Aviva Dress doesn’t stop here! I am not sure about other countries, but in Greece, renting a wedding dress costs more than a good month’s salary, so why pay more when you can find good quality in a decent price? In Aviva’s website there are unique wedding dresses for all tastes which can fulfill the needs of even the most demanding brides, and all in very affordable prices!
What? Have I not convinced you to visit their website yet!? Well since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are some of my favorite Aviva dresses!
To find your own special dress visit the official Aviva Dress website here


Be cool at school!

I don't have to say a lot! Only this... it simply is a perfect early autumn (or spring) casual outfit which you can wear all day long! For school or university, for walking or coffee even for shopping! Not only is it comfortable, but you can look stylish putting in the least effort! The tied shirt makes the look very interesting while the lace top with the shorts lacy detail (except it is quite trendy) adds a romantic touch. The colored basic under top, the backpack and the allstar shoes all in similar colours are just the special details that every outfit needs! Well..this is my (two weeks) belated post for "back to school" look! What do you think?


Say it with a kimono!

I think it is time to say goodbye to summer!Ok not yet maybe..but it is now necessary to put an outerwear over our shoulders in order not to get cold.. And what would be more suitable than a kimono! That trend which made its appearance last spring and reached its peak during the summer, can be easily fit in our autumn wardrobe! When the weather is not very hot but not so cold to wear something woolen either, the kimono is your best choice! It is lightweight, as warm as it needs to be and more impressive than a simple cardigan! Furthermore, while most kimonos are colourful you can match them with simple and plain outfits without wasting your time to find the best combination ever! Here you will see my favourite one - I liked its colours so much :)- with a simple total black outfit which doesn't easily go unnoticed..guess why! because of the kimono! Well..say goodbye to summer..Say it with a kimono!


Do you believe in fairytales?

I love wearing colourful clothes! Even when I'm feeling down they always cheer me up! I also love playful and girly style, so when I saw this dress with the the blue polka dots and snow white printed on it on Sheinside's site...Oh lala.. it was love at first sight! I had a few combinations in my mind( I have many pairs of shoes..#shoeaddict #shopacholic remember?- I'll show them to you at some point- btw) and that's the one I like the most! These amazing red fornarina high heel sandals are so cute, beautiful and comfortable at the same time and suited perfectly with the dress! The tally weijl heart bag is like it was made to match them! (I have no words of describing how much I love this cluch bag!) Well..since it is still summer in Greece, I'm happy to present you this lovely outfit! It's perfect for a romantic date..when everything is like a fairytale..:) Do you believe in fairytales? Who knows..maybe I do:)


..Sun kissed..

I don't know about you, this always happens to me! Right after winter, on March or April when it is still cold outside (even snowing sometimes!!!) everybody is looking forward to summer.. But me... I just don't want the winter to end! Well.. not a heavy one with lots of cold but.. ok..it's..well..I confess! I want to wear my boots, my jackets and all my new wintery clothes in general, a little bit more (shopacholics I'm sure can relate!) Well.. every single year i feel the same about summer! When September comes and everyone with their winter wishes, it drives me crazy! But..Wait a minute! The weather is still hot! Ok.. Not wear my bikini and go to the beach hot but I refuse to wear boots yet! Maybe my all-stars which are (at least for me) the middle step between summer and winter! All these being said as you understand to justify this post, whose title is a little bit summery!
This is an outfit that suited me well! Pants like these are very comfortable and being high waisted as well, you have nothing to fear (even if you don't have the perfect abs!). For the same reason you can easily wear a crop top (and not a simple one) making the look more impressive! As the colors of this look are quite intense, I preferred the shoes to be a bit softer like to the beloved nude / light beige tones! Of course wedges fit perfect as they heighten the look and.. me (they make me so tall hehe)! Ah! Please note that this outfit is perfect for a girl's night out! What do you think?
Special guests in order of appeareance:
- Diablo, my boyfriend's cute little doggy :P
- Matina, my very busy friend who hasn't managed to visit my blog yet!


Retro girl!

I've always loved retro!Clothes, shoes, movies..everything! This summer i was very fond of this style..Crop top, high-waist full skirt, retro glasses, headband and sandals!Everything in beautiful and lovely pastels..baby blue and light pink!!so cute and delicate combination at the same time!!This outfit was one of my favourites because it was cozy yet stunning and it was perfectly wearable both day and night!


Don't wait!

Hello!!This is my first post!I've been thinking of creating this blog for many years but always something happened. I suppose that the circumstances were not right yet. But do you know something? They never are and never will be..until WE make them! Because we can! Because our luck is in our hands! Don't dream about how it would be if your dreams came true... Make them true! The least you can do is try! Now! DON'T WAIT!

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